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MEGADETH Says Dave Mustaine Had Nothing To Do with Kicking JASON NEWSTED Off Australian Tour

Then who did?

Then who did?

Yesterday, we were shocked and confused to learn that Jason Newsted had been kicked off Megadeth's upcoming Australian dates.

At the time, the promoter of the shows said that the news came at the request of Dave Mustaine, but Megadeth's camp is refuting this claim.

Speaking to, Megadeth's tour manager, Jim Carroccio said:

"Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off [the Soundwaves festival]. Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill."

He also offered this cryptic response to the mix up:

"Dave [Mustaine] submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly."

So wouldn't that mean that Mustaine didn't, in fact, want to tour with Newsted if he was not on said list?

As for Newsted, earlier today, he posted this on his Facebook page:

An official statement regarding NEWSTED performances will be made soon. Thanks J.

So his statement is… there will soon be a statement. Very revealing!

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