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DREAM THEATER Break Up Reaches Junior High School Level of Drama

DREAM THEATER Break Up Reaches Junior High School Level of Drama

One of the biggest stories of the year will no doubt be Mike Portnoy's decision to quit Dream Theater. The world was shocked SHOCKED when Mike released his statement a few weeks ago. I thought that Mike handled everything very professionally (at least to the public) and respected his decision. As Noa so eloquently pointed out, he was just looking for some new musical pussy to snatch. If you thought the rest of Dream Theater were going to just sit idly by, you are wrong!

While being interviewed about his latest solo release, DT frontman James LaBrie had this to say about Mike's departure:

Q: Are you sad, James? I mean, this is a huge shift in the world of DREAM THEATER and progressive rock. It's a fucking earthquake.

LaBrie: "You know what?! I'm not sad at all. I've gotta be honest with you. I think that everyone out there needs to know that there's four guys in the band that are… We're excited, we're really looking forward to the next chapter. And I think one of the other things that everyone really has to remember is that there's four more-than-capable guys there. We're all extremely… I know everyone is out there going, 'Holy shit! Is this guy full of himself or what?' But I wanna say it like it is. There's four very capable people in the band, and we're all talented and we all know what we're doing, and we're all capable of doing everything and keeping DREAM THEATER exactly what it's been and bringing it to another level and bringing it to uncharted waters, but I think very exciting and fulfilling waters. So, no, we're not down. I can guarantee you none of us are down. We're actially pretty excited… and very positive."

Ouch! This could be read one of two ways: One, they hate Portnoy, or two, they realized that they needed to keep going so they decided to move along and do what needed to be done. When Portnoy saw the headline his feelings were hurt. Aww. Then, Portnoy took this developing fued to the next level. He started deleting threads about LaBrie's solo record off the message boards. TAKE THAT LaBRIE!!! When somebody on the forum called Portnoy out on this behavior he responded:

"I was willing to ignore that the [Dream Theater] guys insisted all Portnoy-related stuff be removed from… but then on Monday reading the Blabbermouth headlines with James [LaBrie] insensitively proclaiming they are 'not sad at all' about my departure from DREAM THEATER, I cannot in 'happy' standing promote his solo tour…. I am so sad it comes to this, but I am even more shocked and hurt by James' completely disrespectful quote."

NANANAPOO POOO! You can't promote your album on my site. Ha! HA!!! Naturally, LaBrie rebutted Portnoy's comments saying:

"It seems there is a misunderstanding. When I said I was not sad with Mike's departure, it, unfortunately, leaves plenty of room to misconstrue such words. No one can tell you or me how to think and feel. Initially with Mike's departure I was extremely upset, down and shocked. But one needs to deal and work through these emotions in order to arrive at a more positive and optimistic place. That is where I am now and was when the interview took place. Let me put it more plain and simple. Life does not afford us the luxury to wallow in our sorrow. You have to deal with the situation at hand and make it a productive and positive endeavor. In other words, onward and upward. Mike made it perfectly clear why he chose the current path. I would much rather his words be the definitive answer. In the end, does it really matter what our views are? Other than human curiosity, it doesn't change a thing. I have said my piece and believe there is no room for misinterpretation. I will give no further weight to this subject; all has been said."

Oh shit!! LaBrie is going the silent treatment route. TAKE THAT PORTNOY!!!

OK, seriously, guys? You're deleting forum posts and other mentions? Are you guys 12 years old or super-successful musicians who sold thousands if not millions of records worldwide? Step one would be to stop talking about each other and step two is move on with your fucking lives and stop being giant babies. We get it, you split up, get over it!

Oh, and Portnoy announced he will be touring with Avenged Sevenfold for the entirety of their album cycle.

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