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BLACK SABBATH Isn't Ruling Out One-Off Shows, Hasn't Talked About A New Album

I guess it's never really over.

I guess it's never really over.

On February 4, the world said goodbye to Black Sabbath, though to be fair we probably shouldn't have. Guitarist Tony Iommi has been saying pretty much this entire time that Black Sabbath's touring days are over, but after The End, there could still be one-off shows here and there.

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He said it in 2016, and he's saying it again in an interview with Planet Rock.

“I’m going to miss playing on stage because that has been my whole life, the band and playing on stage. I like [playing on stage] and I’m sure it’s not going to end like that; I’m sure we might do a one-off show somewhere. It’s just the touring for me – it’s time to stop roaming the world and be at home for a bit… I’m still going to write and put stuff out."

Interestingly, Iommi says Black Sabbath isn't really over. He says the only aspect of Black Sabbath that's truly over is the massive touring schedules, and that the band hasn't even really sat down and talked about doing another album or not.

"No, I don’t think we’ve ruled anything out apart from me not wanting to tour any more on that scale, but who knows, we may do something. We haven’t spoken about it – that’s another thing we haven’t talked about anything really that’s to do with what’s going to happen afterwards. But I’m sure something can happen somewhere."

So The End tour was really just The End Of Touring, and I guess we should probably keep our eyes peeled for further Black Sabbath appearances and music in the future.

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