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Attention, Stoners:

Surprise! Stoner Legends SLEEP Releasing New Album The Sciences on 4/20

Like, the whole thing. On 4/20. Fitting!

Like, the whole thing. On 4/20. Fitting!

UPDATE: You can stream The Sciences in full right here.

It seems as though the mystery of the new Sleep album has been solved. The band hit the studio quite a while ago in 2017 and kept announcing mini-tours here and there, but never really said anything about the record they announced they were working on.

What with tomorrow being 4/20 and all, what better time to surprise release an entire album unto the world? It seems like that is the case and iTunes Australia may have jumped the gun on the release. Although, to be fair, as of this writing, it's five in the morning in Australia.

The album is titled The Sciences and you can sample the artwork below with artwork that looks exactly like the artwork below, and you can sample some of the music below.

Surprise! Stoner Legends SLEEP Releasing New Album The Sciences on 4/20

Here is the tracklist:

01 The Sciences
02 Marijuanaut’s Theme
03 Sonic Titan
04 Antarcticans Thawed
05 Giza Butler
06 The Botanist

I'd say this is much more than an unsubstantiated rumor at this point. The release date on iTunes is for tomorrow and clearly the whole album is uploaded to at least their back end. So now we wait for it to hit streaming services and promptly lose our damn minds! This will be Sleep's first full-length album since 2003's Dopesmoker, which is just a re-worked version of Sleep's 1998 album Jerusalem. So it's quite literally been 20 years.

Oh, and did we mention The Sciences finally has a studio version of the band's song "Sonic Titan," which has been a live staple forever and even appears as a live-only track on Dopesmoker? 'Cause it totally does.

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