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BLOODBATH Have A New "Legendary" Vocalist

Anders Nystrom is a man many people know for his work in the legendary Swedish metal band Katatonia.  He is also known by many people for his work in the legendary supergroup, Bloodbath. Personally, I am not a fan of Katatonia so when I stumbled upon this interview he did for Metal Insider; I almost skipped right over it…until I realized the interview jumps into updates and news about Bloodbath.

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One second I was going to skip over this article and not give it a second glance, the next moment I was reading every word of it, lapping up every syllable written and committing it to memory. For those of you who have not already made the jump to the actual interview, here are some of the key points from Ander’s interview.

  • Mikael Akerfeldt is not in the band anymore (duh)
  • The band has a new vocalist
  • He is legendary
  • Bloodbath is recording a new album in 2013
  • Millions of metal faces are preparing to melt in awesomeness

Okay so that last one may be made up but that’s exactly what’s going to happen when Bloodbath unleash new music upon us. Some of the highlights from the interview are:

we cannot go out with an official, like 100% confirmation on who it is because there is a little bit more discussion to be done and a little bit more paperwork to be done. It’s like bullshit stuff…

…So it’s not just this guy from the street or anything. It’s not a nobody. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, actually. It’s just as much for the fans as for us, probably even more for us because when we do Bloodbath, we don’t think about any kind of aspects like what we need to do, what to expect from us, business decisions or anything. We just want to have a hell of a good time…

…I think Axe is going to come off of Opeth sometime in March. If we can get in studio by March with him doing the drums, we can knock the rest out between gigs and stuff. So hopefully an early Fall release. It’s definitely a 2013 release.

So fingers, toes and eyes crossed that everything goes according to plan and 2013 does grace us with new music from Bloodbath

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