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Best of 2021

I never know what to say at the top of these lists. Here are 15 records that I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of...

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Music Videos

Dub Trio are not really heavy metal, but it's safe to say they are metal-adjacent, especially after hearing their sludgy new song, "World Of...

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I'm always in awe of the prolificity and breadth of the Melvins. Being active nearly forty years now, they have continued relentlessly to churn...


Melvins have always been a band to tread elsewhere than the beaten path. From their uncompromising sojourn on major label Atlantic Records in the...


Part of the joy of being a Melvins fan is the sense of discovery. Even after 30 years of sludge rocking their way around...

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Live Footage

Eyehategod performed live for the first time since the tragic death of drummer Joey LaCaze this past weekend at the Housecore Horror Festival and were...

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