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Mustaine Mania

MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine Refuses To Give His Opinion On New METALLICA Song, "Hardwired"

Has Dave Mustaine learned his lesson?

Has Dave Mustaine learned his lesson?

Dave Mustaine knows anytime he says something it's going to be put under a huge microscope. It seems that Dave's people have gone to great lengths to prevent Dave from putting his foot in his mouth.

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Perhaps, Dave himself  is now older and wiser and knows not to start shit. For example, Mustaine was recently interviewed by Detroit radio station WRIF and asked about the new Metallica single, "Hardwired." Shockingly, Dave offered no comment…

Meltdown: Have you heard their new track?

Mustaine: I did.

Meltdown: What’d you think about that?

Mustaine: I’m not going to say anything.

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Here's the audio (starts around 8:42)

Dave is keeping good on his promise of not letting his opinion out because of what he claims is misinterpretation. Kudos to the guy .

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But let's just analyze what he's really saying for a second. Do you think if Dave Mustaine liked the track, he wouldn't have just said he liked it? He would just say that he was happy to hear new music from them and excited to see them down the road, or something to that effect. Instead he chose no comment, because he knew if he let his true feelings on the track out, it would cause sites like us to jump all over it and it might affect his rebuilding of a friendship with the band that threw him out and kicked his dog 30 years ago.

So, once again, kudos to Dave for showing maturity here.

Megadeth is about to hit the road with Amon Amarth. Get dates here.

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