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Metal Up Your Ass

Metal Up Your Ass: TGINSPDA (Thank God It's Not St. Patty's Day Anymore) Edition

metalupyourassThere is a lot to be frustrated about today. The pope still thinks that condoms worsens the spreading of AIDS. A bunch of bumbling morons still wearing their kelly green t-shirts are hungover and more dangerous than yesterday. AND K-Rock ditched the bullshit hard rock to play Beyonce all day (I didn't believe it until I turned the radio on in my car on yesterday). But, at least the internet is as cool as a Nordic winter, with all its information sharing. So chill out and click away.


Celan, another Unsane spinoff, has material coming out soon but for now you can check out their myspace


Japanese metallers Dir En Grey will be conducting "careful" confirmations that only dudes are attending their "male only" concerts, which leads me to believe that members of the band will finally show their vaginas on stage.


IHSAHN (ex-Emperor) performed at an Opeth show, while Opeth guest vocalist Nathalie Lorichs performed with Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple

Revolver announces it's Hottest Chick in Metal for May and a former inductee (Marta of Bleeding Through) posts an interview with Hard Times

Anthrax' Frankie Bello swears up a storm on "That Metal Show" and chooses Van Halen over GnR


Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Moral Distortion" plus album art


A shitload of tour dates were announced: Psyopus, Unholy, Made Out of Babies, A Life Once Lost, Burning Human, Napalm Death (with Toxic Holocaust), MISERY INDEX

Local events to note:

Brooklyn Black and Blue Hardcore show to ensue a massive mosh pit on May 30

A beard party (includes Slumlord, Returner and Electric Horsemen) is being thrown by Decibel on 3/18 (THAT'S TODAY)

Going to SXSW? Well, fuck you! Well, not really, I'm just a tad jealous. But, I still got your backs. Here are two guides: one from Brooklyn Vegan and one from Metal Sucks [dot net]

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