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The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2019

This year, it seems like the holiday season totally snuck up on us. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza shopping for metal heads may not be easy, so we here at Metal Injection thought we'd throw in our two cents on suggestions for what to get your favorite metal head this holiday season.

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Whether you are shopping for a son, daughter, relative, friend, significant other or just want to scare somebody, we have compiled the ultimate guide of sweet gifts for blasters, shredders and thrashers. Have a suggestion for a cool gift not listed here? Chime in with your comment at the end of the post.

Fun Gifts

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs
All too often, metal fans and musicians are left with hearing loss and tinnitus after rocking out for decades with unprotected ears. Standard foam earplugs are uncomfortable, unsightly, and ruin the sound quality of live music, which is why Vibes created Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs. Instead of blocking and muffling sound, Vibes (as seen on Shark Tank) reduce the volume of loud live music to a safer and more comfortable level, while still allowing you hear it clearly. These earplugs are reusable and discreet, and each pair also includes three sizes of interchangeable eartips and a pocket-sized carrying case.
With Vibes, you'll save your hearing, while still being able to fully enjoy your favorite music!
Buy: $23.99 via Vibes – use promo code INJECTION to get 15% off + free shipping

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book
A quick and easy stocking stuffer featuring metal puzzles, trivia and various other fun games.
$9.95 on

Mosh Potatoes Cookbook
I've asked a few experts and this is bar-none everybody's favorite metal cookbook, filled with killer recipes from your favorite musicians including members of Anthrax, Black Label Society, Megadeth and more.
$9.98 on

Black Metal: A Coloring Book
If you need a more extreme coloring book option, may we suggest this one. We covered it in depth a few months ago, and we've been fans ever since.
$12.28 on Amazon

Metallica x Nixon Watch
If you are looking to get your loved one a very cool gift – a legit, nice watch, which just so happens to have awesome Metallica artwork on it, this is the gift for you.
$125 and up at

Metal Action Figures from Super7
Super7 has built up a very impressive collection of officially licensened action figures of renowned acts like King Diamond, The Misfits, Ghost, Iron Maiden, Slayer and others. Check out their full line.
$18 and up on Super7

Type O Negative – None More Negative Box Set
The sexy new issuing of Type O Negative's discography. Get it while it's hot, because it might be all sold out by the time you see this.
$199 on Bull Moose

Ozzy Osbourne – Memories of a Madman Box Set
This $500 limited edition, autographed beast features 16 albums, is numbered, and has a certificate of authenticity. Only ultimate Ozzy fans need apply.
$500 direct from Ozzy

Motorhead 1979 box set
1979 was a big year for Motorhead. They released "Overkill" and "Bomber" and this new box set celebrates albums with included rarities, live tracks and more.
$145 on Amazon

Metal Leggings
Look, women like metal too. It's not some big surprise. But very rarely do women get merch that fits them. So why not some brutal Cannibal Corpse or Exodus leggings? Fleshgod Apocalypse and Carach Angren also available
$25 – $45 on JSRDirect

Municipal Waste Taste the Waste Shotgun Koozie
How often have you wanted to shotgun a beverage but just didn't want the mess? That's why Municipal Waste offer this brilliant product.
$11.99 on JSRDirect

Cannibal Corpse Butchered at Birth Socks
For the low-key metalhead who has to wear a suit and tie to work but still wants some shred of brutality on their person.
$11.99 on JSRDirect

Korn Koffee
We got a sample of Korn Koffee last month and the coffee is pretty good. And, the fact that it has Korn logo on it is pretty cool. If your special somebody likes Korn and likes coffee, this one just makes sense.
$17.99 on Korn's website

Pantera stroller
Yes, Pantera fans are dads and moms now. They have children, and their children should not be any less metal than their parents. So, why not show your vulgar display of parenting to your neighbors with this stroller.
$59.99 on

Viking Jewelry by Grimfrost (Johann of AMON AMARTH's company)
Grimfrost is a company co-owned by Amon Amarth vocalist Johann Hegg, aimed towards creating the most authentic viking products anywhere! They have everything from drinking horns, books, clothes, amour, and of course authentic jewelry forged by descendants of actual vikings!
$19.90 and up on Grimfrost

Personalized Guitar Amp Doormat
This personalized guitar amp floor mat will set the mood to 11 before you even get inside the house!
$35 on Uncommon Goods

Toilet Tunes Floor Keyboard
Inspiration can hit anywhere, even on the crapper. So you better have tools handy to make sure you nail that melody. This seems like the perfect addition to any musician's bathroom.
$19 on Urban Outfitters

The Metalhead Box
Any hesher you know will love The Metalhead Box, a monthly service that introduces the subscriber to the best, new, and classic metal music from around the world right to your door! You can sign up for a monthly plan, or opt for a one time gift box that has 5-7 items including an exclusive T shirt, CDs, patches, pins, collectibles and more!
$29.95 at The Metalhead Box

Speedball All-In-One T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit
Know someone who might be interested in learning how to print their own T shirt designs? This Speedball all-in-one kit includes everything they need to get started on making and selling their own DIY merch!
$82.69 on Amazon

Pet Cats And Listen To Metal Coffee Mug
For the cat loving, coffee drinking, metalhead in your life, look no further than the mug that says it all!
$14.99 on Amazon

Metal Injection XV Shirt
Not sure what to get someone who changes their favorite band as often as their T-shirt? Why not a shirt to their favorite heavy metal website! We have an assortment of limited edition merch.
$13 and up on our webstore

Exodus Sandals
If you live in a warmer climate and need to make sure everybody knows you do the toxic waltz, even at the beach.
$20 on JSRDirect

Slayer Gravestone Candle
Whomever came up with this Slayer grave candle idea deserves a raise. Burn a Slayer grave from the comfort of your own home.
$50 on

Burning Church Candle
Seriously, what could be more metal?
$29 at Kirkebrann

Motorhead Warpig Candle
Look, we want to give you some candling options, okay?
$50 on


RAW Trident
Oh, so you like to smoke? Why settle for smoking only one joint? Two joints? Feh! With the RAW Trident, you can triple your high, by smoking three joints at once.
$14.46 at

SEGA Genesis Mini
For gamers of a certain age, the Sega Genesis was the be-all-end-all. And, now it's back in Mini form. The console comes with a ton of games pre-installed and can still read old Genesis game cartridges.
$49.99 at

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Electronic Pinball
A fun stocking stuffer for retro gamers. Honestly, screw the gameplay – this would just look cool on somebody's desk.
$19.99 at

Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp
For the musician on the go, this battery powered 1-watt amp clips onto any belt buckle. Warning: may cause rocking at late hours of the day.
$49.99 at Amazon

Viking Drinking Horn
I have no idea why it took us this long to add this to the list. Wine glasses? Not metal. Viking horns… very metal!
$19.99 on Amazon | Browse more options

Metal Cats Coloring Book
Based on the photo book, but you get to fill in all the colors.
$9.99 on

A Case of Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer
Seriously, the coolest beer in the land. It's not cheap though. If Maiden doesn't float your boat, tons of bands releases booze this year.
Prices vary based on country

Skull Soap Dispenser
For those who wonder: how could I make my bathroom a smidge more metal?
$20 from Texas Hill Country Ceramics

Bamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensil Set
For the soup shredder in your life, this will make a great stocking stuffer.
$19.99 on

For The Musicians

Everyday items for the musician in your life.

Mitchell MS400 Electric Guitar
Mitchell Guitars recently started making electric builds, and it might just be the best inexpensive guitar I've ever owned! It's an incredibly comfortable instrument to play with a quality build that's priced just right.
$349.99 on Guitar Center

Guitar Center Stick Club
Any hard hitting drummer knows how quickly sticks break, and how expensive it could get in the pursuit to brutal blastbeats. Guitar Center Stick Club is a great gift idea for any drummer in your life, because it means a new pair of sticks every month for a fraction of the price, and all the major brands are included!
$20 on Guitar Center

Jobeky Electronic Custom Drums
E-drum sets are the best selling drums over the last couple years in all major cities, but the major brands still don a heavy price tag for the shells alone. Enter Jobeky Drums based out of the UK, what I consider to be the leader in real feel, and real looking E drums at a fraction of a Roland set. Pair it with any module, and you're perfectly set for recording, writing, and practice in any apartment!
As low as $800 on Jobeky Drums

Drum Dial
Fellow drummers know that tuning can be a real headache before a gig. With Drum Dial the guess work is done, and leaves you with a perfect tension in only minutes, no matter which room you're in. I recommend this for any drummer, especially if you play live shows.
$59.95 on Amazon

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
Superior Drummer 3 is easily the most powerful drum production software the world has ever known. Whether you're a guitar player or a drummer, SD3 is the writing and/or recording tool that will become a valued asset to your home midi studio. Take it from the hundreds of metal bands like Megadeth, Tesseract, The Black Dahlia Murder and more who use it!
$419 at Toontrack


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Hellraisers: A Complete Visual History of Heavy Metal Mayhem
The most fun you'll have reading a heavy metal history (coffee) book.
$15.99 at

Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal
Author Ian Christe tries to do the impossible… write the definitive history of heavy metal. His thoughtful and passionate writing make it hard to put this book down.
$14.98 – Buy on Amazon

All You Need to Know About the Music Business, Ninth Edition
Whether your beloved metalhead is in a band, or looking to get a job in the biz, this very informative book by a music lawyer is a must have. Going over everything from how to negotiate with your label, to what your management is supposed to receive, this book combines the knowledge of every facet of the business into one easy to read guide.
$18.99 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Africa: Life, Passion, and Heavy Metal in the Forgotten Continent
One of the most passionate scenes of heavy metal is in Africa, as noted in our recent Scene Report.
$19.95 on Amazon

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult
If the person you're gifting for is into the more kvlt side of things, this book explores the evolution of black metal.
$20.09 on

For the Metal Informist…

For the type of metalhead, who loves to learn about metal…

Decibel Magazine subscription
Nothing says I love you like a subscription to, in our opinion, the best metal magazine in the world.
$24.95 for 12 issues

Revolver Magazine Subscription
Revolver recently relaunched with a new editorial vision and they're covering some legit underground artists now, with beautiful photography and an overall great feel to the magazine.
$9.99 for a one year subscription (6 issues)

Music Consumption

We have to listen to our music somehow, right?

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging
You see these suckers everywhere. If your loved one has an iPhone, this is the type of gift that everybody wants but doesn't want to buy themselves. They'll thank you forever. (If you really want to be snazzy, get the Pro model with noise cancellation)
$164.99 on Amazon

QFX RETRO-39 Shoebox Tape Recorder with USB Player
Cassettes are back in a big way in the metal scene, so you might as well be prepared with a nice vintage tape player. As a bonus, this has USB inputs.
$28.99 on Amazon

Jaybird Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
The battery life on these is amazing, and the tether will prevent you from losing these bad boys.
$128.99 on Amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Speaking from my experience, these are the best pair of headphones I've owned, sound-wise, durability-wise, and aesthetic-wise.
$148.00 at

Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable
Without a doubt, vinyl is the longest running music format that remains relevant today. If you're interested in kicking off your own vinyl collection we recommend this affordable player by Sony. With over 1,200 spins, my player still works as well as the day I got it.
$78 on Amazon

Give up? Go with Gift Cards!

Ok, if you're just too undecided, here are a few ideas for absolutely easy gifts that any metalhead would appreciate:

Apple Music Subscription

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Metalheads love discovering new music, and if you want to help them on the path to discovery, we can't recommend a better service.
3 Months for $29.97 / 12 months for $99.99 at

Spotify Subscription
Get a loved one a year of music for $99, or slightly less. There are a few pricing options for digital and physical gift cards at Best Buy

Amazon Giftcard
If you're not feeling too creative, but still want to be useful, this is the way to go! You can get basically anything on Amazon, from music to gear anything. This is the equivalent of giving cash, but saying NO, you have to spent it on something other than lunch!
Buy at

That's all for our gift suggestions, submit yours in the comments.

(Santa Illustration by znodden)

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