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Good Times For Grim Kids – Black Metal: A Coloring Book has arrived!

"How many shades of black exist in this world? None so dark as the darkest soul of the Black Metal: A Coloring Book! Now, for yourself but definitely not for young minions, Black Metal: A Coloring Book is a perfect way to enjoy the pantheon of Black Metal Gods."

If you are familiar with the history of Port Townsend, Washington publisher Feral House, then you know they are the publishers of one of the most significant literary documents on black metal, 1997's Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground. Feral House's roots run deep throughout the world of counter-culture (or "kulture" as Feral prefers to spell it) and have a long history of publishing titles on sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and everything outsider in-between. As far as the world of coloring books is concerned, Feral House has put out several wildly popular adult coloring books such as Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead: Color the Ace of Spades which included artwork by Joe Petagno the cover artist for Motörhead’s 1986 album Orgasmatron. Feral's latest coloring book, Black Metal: A Coloring Book, takes on the world of black metal by way of fantastic illustrations of some of the heroes (and anti-heroes) of the genre. Like Newcastle upon Tyne's Venom, murderer and former member of Burzum and Mayhem, Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh), and King Diamond. If coloring in an image of a black metal frog clutching a skull while riding on the back of a bat with an inverted cross tattooed on his head is more your speed, Black Metal: A Coloring Book has you covered.

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With contributions from notable artist such as London-based artist Krent Able (author of the delightfully deviant 2012 book, Krent Able's Big Book of Mischief), subculture shaman Jason Atomic, and Birmingham badass, Billy Chainsaw, Black Metal: A Coloring Book is a beautifully crafted and curated homage to the netherworld of black metal. To back this claim up, I've posted a few images from the brand new 80-page book below for you to eyeball.

King Diamond by Corinne Halbert.

Venom by Jason Atomic.

Per Yngve Ohlin, better known by his stage name Dead by Billy Chainsaw.

Sons of Northern Frogness by Lard Humungus. A slightly political play on artist Matt Furie's Pepe the Frog, the piece is meant to reclaim Pepe from alt-right scenes exploiting his comic frog.

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