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The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Our suggestions for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and all holiday heavy metal gifts

Our suggestions for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and all holiday heavy metal gifts

Christmas and Hannukah shopping for metalheads may not be easy, so we here at Metal Injection thought we'd throw in our two cents on suggestions for what to get your favorite metal head. Whether you are shopping for a son, daughter, relative, friend, significant other or just want to scare somebody, we have compiled the ultimate guide of sweet gifts for blasters, shredders and thrashers.

View the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Metalheads Here

Fun Gifts

jack-rackThe Pluginz Jack Rack
Everybody has keys, and needs some place to put them. Why not an amp head-shaped key rack? Plug in!
Starting at $29.99

abbath-hoodieAbbath Full-Zip Hoodie
I can't think of a cooler, more trve present than this one.
$54.99 at Kings Road Merch

MastodonSteinMastodon Beer Stein
If you're going to drink beer, might as well drink it out of this, right?
$125 from Mastodon

sonos-play-1Sonos Play 1 Wireless Speaker
Our favorite way to stream music in the home.
$199.00 on

lemmy-funkoLemmy Funko Pop Figure
A fun addition to any office desk or bookshelf. A reminder to always ask WWLD: What Would Lemmy Do?
$8.49 on

metal-beard-oilMetal Beard Club Beard Oil
For those among us, who grow some serious hair on their face… get serious about maintenance.
$6.99 from Metal Beard Club

slayer-grinderSlayer Herb Grinder
For those of you…who…uhh…grind…herbs.
$25 from Slayer

metallica-riff-life-glovesMetallica Riff Life Glow In The Dark Gloves
You gotta keep warm right? Wear some metal gloves!
$8.99 from Metallica

MarshallMiniAmpMarshall MS-2 Mini Amp
For the musician on the go, this battery powered 1-watt amp clips onto any belt buckle. Warning: may cause rocking at late hours of the day.
$49.99 at Amazon

Drinking hornViking Drinking Horn
I have no idea why it took us this long to add this to the list. Wine glasses? Not metal. Viking horns… very metal!
$16.62 on Amazon | Browse more options

cities-of-darkscorch-board-gameCities of Darkscorch Metal Board Game
This roleplaying game comes with two LPs of music to go with it. This seems like quite the immersive game for metalheads. The video on Cities of Darkscorch's homepage will do a much better job of explaining the game.
$100 via Numero Group

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book
A quick and easy stocking stuffer featuring metal puzzles, trivia and various other fun games.
$8.45 on

acdc-monopolyAC/DC Monopoly
You can gift this to somebody who really loves AC/DC, or really hates them. It works both ways.
$21.45 on

smok-h-priv-220w-tc-starter-kitAspire Pockex All-in-One Vaping Starter Kit
Now’s the time to get your loved one to finally kick that smoking habit, and it’s never been easier with this all-in-one starter kit from Vape Club that’s got everything he or she will need. For someone who already vapes, why not turn it up to 11 with the Smok H-Priv220W TC Starter Kit. Once you’ve the kit, you’re going to need some juice, so check out the wide range of eliquids available there as well.
£22.99 at Vape Club>

TrooperBeerA Case of Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer
Seriously, the coolest beer in the land. It's not cheap though. If Maiden doesn't float your boat, tons of bands releases booze this year.
Prices vary based on country

For The Home

cannibal-corpse-apronCannibal Corpse Apron
For the butcher in your life.
$15 at JSR Direct

antique-black-skull-dispenserSkull Soap Dispenser
For those who wonder: how could I make my bathroom a smidge more metal?
$20 from Texas Hill Country Ceramics

MarshallMiniFridgeMarshall Mini-Fridge
Ok, if you really love somebody and need to spruce up their man-cave or just need an extra fridge for the garage, this is clearly the way to go, but it ain't cheap!
$399 on

wooden-utensilsBamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensil Set
For the soup shredder in your life, this will make a great stocking stuffer.
$18.99 on

deathwish-coffeeDeathwish Coffee
We were drawn in by the name, and stayed for the amazing taste and strength. USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade!
Starting at $15.99.

tojtonyforestasliquidarson_1024x1024Tears Of Joy – Tony Foresta's Liquid Arson Hot Sauce
If your loved one is into burritos, and into getting a little kick with his hot sauce, then new sauce from Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan frontman Tony Foresta sauce is right for them. I feel sort of sorry for whomever you are gifting this to.
$8.00 on Tears of Joy Sauces

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For the Metal informist…

For the type of metalhead, who loves to learn about metal…

DecibelsubscriptionDecibel Magazine subscription
Nothing says I love you like a subscription to, in our opinion, the best metal magazine in the world.
$34.95 for 12 issues


Murder-in-the-Front-RowMurder In The Front Row: Shots from the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter
Who likes to read? This book has some very rare photos of all the big thrash bands of the early 80s. Back when Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield used to be friends. A must-have for any thrash fan.
$32.12 from

vulgar-panteraA Vulgar Display of Pantera Photo Book
For the Dimebag fans among us.
$37.04 on

Scott-Ian-Im-The-ManI'm the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax
Scott Ian has seen and done it all and he's lived to write about it. Learn about the humble beginnings of Anthrax, and thrash in general in this well received autobiography.
From $12.85 on

Mosh-PotatoesMosh Potatoes Cookbook
I've asked a few experts and this is bar-none everybody's favorite metal cookbook, filled with killer recipes from your favorite musicians including members of Anthrax, Black Label Society, Megadeth and more.
$10.98 on

51ws1d59u6l-_sx329_bo1204203200_Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal
Author Ian Christe tries to do the impossible… write the definitive history of heavy metal. His thoughtful and passionate writing make it hard to put this book down.
$14.99 – Buy on Amazon

51vtkapmsclAll You Need to Know About the Music Business, Ninth Edition
Whether your beloved metalhead is in a band, or looking to get a job in the biz, this very informative book by a music lawyer is a must have. Going over everything from how to negotiate with your label, to what your management is supposed to receive, this book combines the knowledge of every facet of the business into one easy to read guide.
$24.06 on Amazon

Black Metal BookBlack Metal: Evolution of the Cult
If the person you're gifting for is into the more kvlt side of things, this book explores the evolution of black metal.
$19.00 on

motleycruedirt_638The Dirt: Motley Crue
Without question, the greatest metal biography ever written.
$19.80 – Buy on

Great documentaries:

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Metal Evolution
This highly recommended 11-part series goes traces the history of heavy metal back to it's blues roots, and shows you how it evolved to the sounds we hear today.
$15.14 – Buy on Amazon

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Where it all started for the creators of Metal Evolution… the definitive documentary covering the history of the heavy metal genre, and the sub-genres spawned from it's creation. Interviewing a lot of the big names including Black Sabbath, Dio, Dee Snider and many more.
$13.99 – Buy on Amazon
Note: If you get this, you have to also include the sequel, Global Metal

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch
A great documentary that follows around a living legend of metal. See what life is like for Lemmy, with nights spent rocking thousands, or quiet ones playing poker at the Rainbow or just at home with his endless memorabilia collection.
$24.13 – Buy On

this-is-spinal-tapThis Is Spinal Tap – Special Edition
Sure this is a work of fiction, but this is a mockumentary that every metalhead must see.
$9.99 – Buy on Amazon

Music Consumption

We have to listen to our music somehow, right?

Frank has been using his Motorheadphones for quite a while and has nothing but great things to say about them. They are metal's answer to beats by Dre, and that is meant as a compliment. There are a variety of different headphones but we highly suggest the Motorizer.
$119.99 on

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Speaking from my experience, these are the best pair of headphones I've owned, sound-wise, durability-wise, and aesthetic-wise.
$139.00 at

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable
Without a doubt, vinyl is the longest running music format that remains relevant today. If you're interested in kicking off your own vinyl collection we recommend this affordable player by Sony. With over 1,200 spins, my player still works as well as the day I got it.
$63 on Amazon

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For The Musicians

Everyday items for the musician in your life.

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Drum Dial
Fellow drummers know that tuning can be a real headache before a gig. With Drum Dial the guess work is done, and leaves you with a perfect tension in only minutes, no matter which room you're in. I recommend this for any drummer, especially if you play live shows.
$59.95 on Amazon

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Drum Hardware Bag With Wheels
If you've ever tried to lift a drummer's hardware bag, you know why everyone dreads this case. This durable hardware bag features wheels and steel frame construction that takes all the heavy lifting away. Save your drummer's back!
$209.99 on Amazon

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Stomp Classic Tuner
The Peterson VSS-C Strobo Series Stomp Classic Tuner is known for its incredible accuracy while still being a very light and portable tuner to have in your rig. It also includes support for 7 string guitars and many other stringed instruments.
$199.00 on Amazon

Give up? Go with Gift Cards!

Ok, if you're just too undecided, here are a few ideas for absolutely easy gifts that any metalhead would appreciate:

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Spotify Subscription
Metalheads love discovering new music, and if you want to help them on the path to discovery, we can't recommend a better service.
Buy From Spotify Direct

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2016Amazon Giftcard
If you're not feeling too creative, but still want to be useful, this is the way to go! You can get basically anything on Amazon, from music to gear anything. This is the equivalent of giving cash, but saying NO, you have to spent it on something other than lunch!
Buy at

That's all for our gift suggestions, submit yours in the comments.

View the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Metalheads Here

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