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THE OSBOURNES To Star in New Paranormal Show The Osbournes Want To Believe

Not quite The Osbournes, but it still has potential.

ozzy sharon jack osbourne
via Travel Channel

Ozzy, Sharon, and Jack Osbourne are back with a new show called The Osbournes Want to Believe. The series will run eight one-hour long episodes focusing on Jack trying to convince his parents that paranormal activity is real. According to Variety, The Osbournes Want to Believe will begin airing on August 2 at 10pm EST.

The Travel Channel described the show as follows:

“My parents have always lived on the edge, even when it comes to believing in the supernatural,” said Jack. “I’m convinced they just haven’t seen enough evidence, so I’m making them watch the most undeniable footage caught on camera, including a few from my own personal experiences. My biggest challenge may be keeping their comments family friendly. It will be a classic Osbourne gathering!”

During each hour-long episode, Jack will reveal a series of mind-blowing paranormal clips from the great beyond for his parents, Ozzy and Sharon, to witness. From Bigfoot to UFOs, poltergeists, creepy dolls and unexplained apparitions, the couple will review – and critique – each caught-on-camera moment, a compilation of Jack’s favorite pieces of evidence. Not ones to shy away from honesty and humor, there’s no shortage of fun, antics and lively commentary in the Osbourne screening room.
In the series premiere, Jack Osbourne shares video footage of poltergeists, haunted dolls, UFOs and unidentifiable beasts that leaves Sharon and Ozzy – and their dogs – barking at the moon. Their outrageously funny reactions include Sharon’s love for Harry & The Hendersons, Ozzy’s historical digressions on Greeks, Romans and the berserkers and a copious amount of swearing – another day with the First Family of Darkness!
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