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The Osbournes Being Shopped Around For A Possible Return

Sharon is "open to talks."


Now that Sharon Osbourne has a bit more time on her hands, it looks like there are rumblings that a return of the show that put her and her family in the mainstream public eye might be forging a comeback.

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A new report from gossip rag The Sun suggests that Sharon was been "flooded" with offers to bring the reality series back from several production companies.

Pitches and treatements have been sent over and The Sun says that Sharon is "open to talks," as long as the price is right. “Sharon is ready to go again for the right deal, absolutely.” the insider tells The Sun.

It's been about 20 years since we've seen the Osbournes on television and in that time, Ozzy has battled many health demons, Jack and Kelly have gotten sober and Jack has three kids. How would the format of the new show even work?

The Osbournes originally ran between 2002 and 2005, and chronicled the home life of legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. The show came back in February 2018 for a little while as a podcast.

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In 2019, Kelly Osbourne told PeopleTV's Reality Check the family is constantly getting offers to bring it back in full. "I'm not joking, every single year about every three months or so someone else gives us another offer and we keep saying no. It keeps coming 'round. Right now there's another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we've ever come to accepting one. But whether that will happen or not, I don't know."

"We've got other people to think about. My brother's got three kids. Do we want that life for them without them being old enough to choose if they want to do it or not like my brother and I were."

It seems like the only thing holding this back from happening is the right offer. But is it something you want to see?

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