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Has MTV Passed On A New Season of The Osbournes?

Sharon is being quoted everywhere, but three letters not coming out of her mouth are M, T & V.

Sharon is being quoted everywhere, but three letters not coming out of her mouth are M, T & V.

Last week, we reported that Sharon Osbourne told some newspaper that her family was looking to do one more abbreviated season of their Emmy-winning reality series, The Osbournes. Well, to really seal the deal and make it official, Sharon went on her daily talk show, The Talk earlier this week to announce to her co-hosts that they are definitely doing it:

In the clip above Sharon says this season will play catch-up showing how everybody's lives have changed. She reiterated the company line that this was all Ozzy's idea because he wanted to show the world their family life with him sober.

But here's one thing that's incredibly interesting about this entire announcement: there has yet to be one mention by Sharon of the letters M, T and V. MTV famously ran the series, and the series premiere was their highest rated show ever at the time. But as the seasons passed, The Osbournes' ratings tanked and eventually the show was not renewed.

You would think while talking about this she would mention the show is coming back to MTV, but she hasn't. Also, MTV's website has made absolutely no mention of the series returning. This tells me that MTV is not interested and what Sharon is doing is bringing this story to the public eye to show other potential networks there is interest in an abbreviated series.

MTV is a completely different network compared to when The Osbournes was on the air. Their programming is even less music-focused and targeted more to young women than men. It doesn't seem like their audience would care about The Osbournes.

My prediction is if the MTV suits are at all interested in the show it would be on Vh1 Classic. If not, I can see them going to a much smaller network like AXSTV or saying fuck-it and getting a big corproate sponsor and just throwing it all online. But it seems not worth doing if it's just an online series, clearly Sharon wants that reality cash.

Here's an interesting video from last fall, where The Osbournes were profiled together and they sort of made it clear they were happy the reality show is over. What a difference a year makes!

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