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The Seven Drummers That Could Join SLIPKNOT

From Jeramie Kling to Domino Santantonio, we've got some choices.

Slipknot Possible Drummers

Slipknot recently fired drummer Jay Weinberg and the band doesn't have any shows coming up until Sick New World in April 2024. Which means they've got some time to choose their new drummer and get 'em acclimated to being in the band. As Slipknot conducts their search (which we're assuming isn't already silently over), here are our seven picks for drummers they really ought to consider!

Kerim "Krimh" Lechner

Krimh was a name that came up often when Slipknot parted ways with Joey Jordison one decade ago. Krimh is also a name that's coming up quite a bit now, because of course it is. Sure he's in Septicflesh, but if Slipknot came knocking, who knows? Look no further than his cover of Slipknot's "People=Shit" for evidence.

Jeramie Kling

This one's based on three things. One, Kling just quit Venom Inc. and has no band right now. Two, the Internet seems to think that Kling is secretly Slipknot's new drummer. Three, the dude fucking shreds at drums and has been in tons of great bands.

El Estepario Siberiano

Yeah, the guy that does all the crazy one-hand drum covers. Turns out he can drum just fine with two hands too, and harder than mostly anyone else. How El Estepario Siberiano isn't breaking through drum kits left and right is a mystery, but one thing is clear – he'd crush some Slipknot.

Domino Santantonio

Drumeo instructor Domino Santantonio learned the entirety of Slipknot's "Before I Forget" in a handful of takes, and even brought her own flavor to the mix. If she can do that in roughly an hour, who knows what she could accomplish as an actual member?

Eloy Casagrande

Speaking of drummers who are somehow not decimating drum kits constantly, Eloy Casagrande! Sure, Casagrande has a full-time gig with Sepultura, but having him in Slipknot might take things to a whole new (and violently aggressive) level.

Anastasia Sereda

Anastasia Sereda has plenty of Slipknot drum covers on YouTube and they're infectious. Mostly because they're well-played, but watching how into the music Sereda gets is just a blast. And hey, it seems like she already knows all of Slipknot's material, right?

Meytal Cohen

One watch through Meytal Cohen's cover of "Unsainted" and it'll be clear why we think she could fill Jay Weinberg's shoes – it's really well played and she hardly looks like she's even trying. Though I'd imagine there would be slightly more sweat with a mask and jumpsuit on.

Simon Crahan

Vended drummer Simon Crahan is the most logical choice, given his dad is Slipknot founder and percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan. Though that's hardly the only reason Crahan could get the position – the kid can play extremely well too!

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