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Never Played Live

LAMB OF GOD Has Never Played These Six Songs Live (But They Should)

We'd really love to see these get played.

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With eleven studio albums and a career spanning over twenty years, a sizable amount of Lamb Of God's discography has made it to the stage… but these seven haven't yet… and they really should.

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"For Your Malice" from As The Palaces Burn (2003)

Lamb Of God have always been a go-to band to rage to when getting out some pent-up frustrations, and "For Your Malice" from 2003's As The Palaces Burn is certainly no exception. Produced by Devin Townsend, this record is nothing short of utterly brutal. Considering it just celebrated its twentieth anniversary, here's to hoping this hidden gem gets thrown in.

"Requiem" from Sacrament (2006)

Focused on Jim Jones and the Johnstown massacre, it's hard to believe that this deep cut from the band's fourth studio release, Sacrament, has never made it's live debut. The track features some unbelievable guitar work from Mark Morton and Willie Adler and even an eerie clip from Jim Jones himself.

"Everything To Nothing" from Wrath (2009)

Lamb Of God's sixth studio album, Wrath, became the band's most successful record at the time of its release, even climbing to #2 on the US Billboard 200 chart after its release. With years having passed, and now putting it up against the band's past and future releases, it falls a little short when measuring up to the band's earlier records (like As The Palaces Burn and Ashes Of The Wake). Even so, Wrath still has it's fair share of solid tunes – one of them being "Everything To Nothing." It's pummeling riffage, along with Chris Adler's notable precision on the drums makes for a satisfying track that could certainly shake the rafters of any venue.

"Terminally Unique" from Resolution (2012)

2012's Resolution is an album that has divided fans since its release; some feel it's one of the great records that Lamb Of God ever made, while others say this record is nothing short of bland, and somewhat, entirely forgettable. No matter your stance on the album as a whole, there's no denying that "Terminally Unique" is a ferocious track begging to be headbanged to.

"Insurrection" from Resolution (2012)

Here lies one of the only tracks where Randy Blythe gives a go at clean vocals rather than his instantly recognizable growls; which is quite impressive and allows him to flaunt his vocal diversities. "Insurrection" doesn't deliver much more over other Lamb Of God numbers, though Morton's blistering solo around the 3-minute mark is a crusher. "Insurrection" could definitely get a crowd going.

"Torches" from VII: Sturm Und Drang (2015)

Featuring Better Lovers frontman, Greg Puciato, "Torches" showcases Lamb Of God's impressive ability to intertwine brutality with ear-pleasing melodies. The gloomy, atmospheric track spans over five minutes and highlights so much of what makes this band great; including Morton's tasteful leads. Puciato and Blythe's vocals add so much to this one, complimenting each other skillfully. If these two ever find themselves sharing the same stage, "Torches" is a must play.

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