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GHOST Has Never Played These Five Songs Live (But They Should)

Lotta covers in this one.

Ghost Jesus

A pretty solid chunk of Ghost's discography has made it to the stage. Well, except for these originals and cover songs… and they really should. Check out all of our Never Played Live series here!

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"Waiting For The Night" from If You Have Ghost (2013)

I can see why Ghost hasn't brought out their cover of Depeche Mode's "Waiting For The Night" just yet – it's a little slow. But this would absolutely set the mood during a Halloween show, or a show where Ghost has a lot of time to fill. Plus, who doesn't need more doomed Depeche Mode in their life?

"Zenith" from Meliora (2015)

Hey look, it's the song that Ghost chose to bury for some reason! Yes, "Zenith" is a fantastic song that was only available through a deluxe version of Meliora. This song is criminally overlooked, generally flies under the radar, and would probably go over like a fart in church at a show. I say they do it anyway.

"See The Light" from Prequelle (2018)

"See The Light" was actually a bit of surprise when looking at what Ghost hasn't played. "See The Light" is the perfect speed for stadium setlists, has a huge chorus, and feels like it'd incite a pretty massive singalong. Hopefully Ghost breaks this one out soon.

"It's A Sin" from Prequelle (2018)

Yeah, another cover. Ghost's rendition of Pet Shop Boys' track "It's A Sin" feels tailor-made to get the crowd going, and certainly wouldn't be out of place at any point in their setlist. And it's not like Ghost shies away from playing covers live, so what the hell? Give us the sins, Ghost.

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"Darkness At The Heart Of My Love" from Impera (2022)

There's no way this one stays on this list for very long. "Darkness At The Heart Of My Love" is a radio hit waiting to happen, and is probably another sleeper just like "Spillways" was. Not to mention the guitar solo in this track practically holds a lighter up and sways about all by itself.

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