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Black Metal Chronicles

Here Are The 40 Best Black Metal Albums Ever According to Metal Hammer

Some pretty obvious one in here, some not so much.

Some pretty obvious one in here, some not so much.

Metal Hammer has taken to their site Louder Sound to publish what they believe are the best 40 black metal albums of all time.

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There are some pretty obvious choices in there alongside some really interesting ones. One that I initially wanted to call bullshit on was Morbid Visions by Sepultura, but I see where they're coming from – it's basically blackened thrash. Whether or not it belongs on this list is a different story.

Check out the quick and dirty list below.

VenomBlack Metal
HellhamerApocalyptic Raids
Celtic FrostTo Mega Therion
SodomObsessed By Cruelty
KATMetal And Hell
SepulturaMorbid Visions
VulcanoBloody Vengeance
BathoryUnder The Sign Of The Black Mark
TormentorAnno Domini
BlasphemyFallen Angel Of Doom…
Master’s HammerRitual
DarkthroneA Blaze In The Northern Sky
SamaelBlood Ritual
Emperor/EnslavedEmperor/Hordanes Land
BeheritDrawing Down The Moon
ImmortalPure Holocaust
Impaled NazareneUgra-Karma
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Vlad Tepes/BelkètreMarch To The Black Holocaust
DissectionStorm Of The Light’s Bane
MysticumIn The Streams Of Inferno
Rotting ChristNon Serviam
AbsuThe Sun Of Tiphareth
UlverBergtatt – Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler
SatyriconNemesis Divina
ArcturusLas Masquerade Infernale
WeaklingDead As Dreams
Forgotten TombSpringtime Depression
WatainCasus Luciferi
TaakeHordalands Doedskvad
EvilfeastFuneral Sorcery
Negura BungetOm
MardukRom 5:12
Deathspell OmegaFas – Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum

Get more in-depth with their picks here.

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