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#TBT: 10 Times Black Metal Got Royally Toasted and Roasted


Welcome to Throwback Thursday! This is the place where we get to indulge in nostalgia and wax poetic about excellent metal of years past. TBT number 67 continues on with last week's theme that shined a hallowed light on the brighter side of metal – the metal parody.

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To the un-initiated, black metal could seem silly. Frankly, sometimes black metal is silly. For example, take a look at this very non-parody video from Czechnian band Trollech:

A genre known for taking itself ultra-seriously, black metals' practitioners dabble in ghastly face paint and create lo-fi recordings to make a haunting statement about (among other grim and heavy subjects) the coldness and bleakness of life. It's an understatement to say that the black metal movement made an indelible mark on the flow of all future metal music to come; and yet the genre's heavy-handedness has left it's soft, ashy underbelly vulnerable to humor. Here are 10 hilarious videos that juice the hyperbole in black metal into a concentrated, relatable 'slice-of-life' super drink:

For the most hated holiday, here's Black Metal Valentine's Day:

Gorgotten takes a romp in the woods with their "Black Metal Parody":

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That time Jared Dines asked people to 'metal scream':

The Black Satans try their hand at gettin' weird in the snow with "The Satan of Hell":

The time black metal was featured in a commercial for cough drops:

"The Heart Does Grow Kold" by our blackblooodbrothers at MetalSucks makes Celine Dion very, very dark:

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This guy that tried out for a TV idol show (he knew what he was doing…):

Or this band that played in their classroom (and these guys also knew what the hell they were doing…)

This "Becoming Black Metal" animation. The egg beaters on the guitar is funny because it's apt:

And the kings of modern metal parodies,  our boys from Metalocalypse explain the grimdarkness that is metal:

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Got a fave parody I missed? Tag it below!

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