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Black Metal History

10 Black Metal Stage Name Origins

0 Black Metal Stage Name Origins" src="×300.jpg" width="191" height="300" />Euronymous
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Birth Name: Øystein Aarseth

Øystein Aarseth was a key player in the Norwegian black metal scene, founder of the first indie black metal record label, record shop owner, and of course the co-founder of legendary black metal band Mayhem. Starting out with the stage name "Destructor", he quickly changed his name to Euronymous after the Greek mythological netherworld demon "Eurynomos". Euronymous was also the finder of Dead's body post suicide, who snapped a photo of the scene that later became the cover to Mayhem's record "Dawn Of The Black Hearts". There was speculation whether or not Euronymous collected fragments of skull from the scene as well, but this has never been confirmed due to his own untimely murder by Varg Vikernes.

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