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Best of 2011

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 2011

Fuck long-winded reviews. This isn't the place for it. This is a best-of list. Especially with the chaotic violence you'll find below, you'd probably get through five songs quicker than reading a shitty paragraph about them. However, I won't be a total dick and leave you out in the cold. You still get a sum-up gist of the good shits on my list… quick and dirty… just like the songs I love… in 140 characters or less.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 201110. Maruta – Forward into Regression

Abusive grind with death metal undertones. The violence is pushed to the maximum with the added bass player. Teeth-smashingly good shit.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20119. Defeatist – Tyranny of Decay

Smothering whirlwind of pummeling grind and acid-throat wails. The final chapter in one of Brooklyn's best grind-dealers. You will be missed.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20118. Meek is Murder – Algorithms

Refreshingly chaotic spazcore wizardry. The songwriting and musicianship are second to none. My butthole has been blown to bits by this one.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20117. Wormrot – Dirge

Unrelenting, raw, and pure grind abuse from Singapore. Packed to the gills with 25 tracks of awesomeness. American bands should take notes.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20116. Brutal Truth – End Time

Ferocious sociopolitical throat-punches from the resident grindfathers. Shit gets straight up alien and nutty, consider the bar raised.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20115. Rotten Sound – Cursed

Punishing eurogrind that gets better with every release. Super-precise chops fuel this increasingly dark and destructive outing. Brilliant.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20114. Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Powerviolence the world was missing. The vocals are better than ever, complimenting the lovely hints of choatic hardcore. Frantic passion.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20113. Ed Gein – Bad Luck

Welcome back, pricks. Chaotic hardcore served up with a healthy pile of brutality. Dizzying grindmess with off-the-rails drumming. Now tour!!

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20112. Wugazi – 13 Chambers

Ok, so it's not metal… But go fuck yourself. Easily the most airtight album of the year. Wu-Tang? Fugazi? Yea, not one fuckin bummer track.

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 20111. Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

Chaotic hardcore with a new death n' roll vibe and a d-beat cherry on top. Incredibly mature songwriting that finds beauty in destruction.

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