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Black Metal Chronicles

5 More Insane Black Metal Drummers

Previously, on 5 Insane Black Metal Drummers, we stated the following:

Black metal can be a tricky subject to tackle. To some, it’s a neat little sub-genre of heavy metal, to others it serves as a philosophical statement and aggrandizing way of life. While no one may agree on what exactly constitutes BM in this day and age [pink album covers, orchestras, and decipherable lyrics ist nicht krieg to some], it’s safe to say that most citizens of the metal realm show love for black metal drummers. Let’s face it, these guys do some serious work behind the kit; all while trying to conjure Satan at ridiculous tempos and worrying about runny mascara. This list isn’t a definitive ranking or scientific survey of BPMs, but rather a small tribute to some of the finest drummers in black metal.

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This second installment follows the same rules as before. Phenomenal drummers sweating their brains out on camera. Sorry if  your crazy good best friend/cousin didn't make the cut. It's all about talent…and available video coverage. One of those, "if a tree falls in the forest" type deals. Enough chit-chat, on with the blasting!


Proscriptor McGovern is the man behind occult metal legends Absu. He's also one of the raddest drummers to watch behind the kit. Proscriptor's playing is wild, unhinged and utterly entertaining. Check the cardiac arrest inducing one foot blast beat at the 1:50 mark in the video above. Oh yeah, and dude also sings well playing [usually]! That's some next level shit right there. Fun fact, you can also watch Absu's legendary skin basher jam with Kerry King when he auditioned for Slayer back in the early 2000's. Watch as he nearly rips Vinnie Paul's kit to pieces.

Fredrik Widigs
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Marduk, the Swedish black metal band/juggernaut, are renowned for pushing BPMs into the stratosphere. Naturally, they would need a drummer with amphetamine like tendencies behind the kit to keep their blazing ship on course. That's where Fredrik Widigs comes into play. The band's current skinsman made his recording debut with the band on 2015's Frontschwein, and is the latest and perhaps deadliest addition in a long line of killer Marduk drummers. Seriously, the man operates behind the kit like John Wick: precision, precision, precision.


The mysterious Menthor plays drums like a man possessed. Currently blasting for Nightbringer, Enthroned, LVCIFYRE and more, the man's finger technique and limitless double bass rolls are things of blackened drum beauty. The video above is a fun clip featuring Menthor rocking out with Enthroned in full corpse painted glory, but if you want to see the man get completely surgical on the drums, watch this video of the dude going full on T-800 with Nightbringer HERE. It's kind of scary.

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Torturer aka, Mr. Florian Klein, aka, Mr. how the hell does he play so fast?! is one of the mightiest speedsters behind the kit of any band, ever. His work with Belphegor in the 2000's has earned him a place in the pantheon of black metal greats, but Torturer has continued shredding with Goat Torment and Mor Dagor, gifting us insightful and exhausting performances like the studio clip above. You see him chopping that snare to pieces in the end? Hails Torturer.


Inferno, one of the biggest names in metal drumming, period. His work with Behemoth over the past two decades, in terms of creativity and wicked speed, has elevated the extreme metal game to staggering heights. His journey with Behemoth from black metal, to sort of death metal and back again has been fascinating to watch. Through it all, Inferno has continued smashing china cymbals, dropping serious double bass salvos, and blasting away to his heart's content in what look like the least comfortable drumming boots imaginable. Here's to more years of Inferno setting drums ablaze.


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Who are some of your favorite black metal drummers in the game?

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