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black metal history month

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Black Metal Chronicles

Previously, on 5 Insane Black Metal Drummers, we stated the following: Black metal can be a tricky subject to tackle. To some, it’s a neat...

Cinema Fix

A grim and dramatic coming of age / black metal origin story

Black Metal History

Black metal may have been birthed within the frozen winter landscapes of Scandinavia, but it was only an eye blink of time before it...

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Black Metal History

Gorgoroth. That’s it. That’s all you really need right? You know black metal, right? Has there ever been a single shred of doubt about...

Black Metal History

As part of Black Metal History Month, we will be spotlighting classic albums that we feel are essential for any fan of black metal. This...

Black Metal History

By 1993, the Norwegian black metal scene was engaged in an all-out, lo-fi war with mainstream death metal and the society that condoned it....

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