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Best of 2009

Frank's Top 10 Music Videos of 2009

by Frank Godla

Frank's Top 10 Music Videos of 2009

Metal Injection undeniably watches a crap load of music videos each year, I suppose that is part of our job for better or worse. Luckily, every now and then I come across a music video that not only allows insight to the bands demeanor, but is an absolute pleasurable viewing experience for one reason or another. I've compiled a list of said videos to share with you below…

1) BEHEMOTH – Ov Fire and the Void

I almost reconsidered my vegetarian ways when I saw how good that angel tasted.

The evil in this Behemoth mini-movie is no stretch for these polish anti-gods, "Ov Fire and the Void" follows their usual demonic themes found in previous efforts, but I must say they just raised the bar for what music videos ought to be for the next several years. Costumes, cinematography, location, color, story and of course the song… A+ all around!


Another reason not to trust magicians dressed like Dracula.

I was a big fan of the song before the video, but with the combination of this being such a long song and my attention span for mediocre music videos so short, I almost assumed I'd hate it before I watched it. Obviously I was wrong, this video is very well done and takes you on a complete narrative ride that does not disappoint, which is something I find missing from most music videos today. This video can be considered pretty ballsy by music video standards including common time restrictions, and the elimination of performance video segments, it makes me wonder why metal ever bothered following rules in the first place.


I think we should have David Brodsky drug tested.

I spent the day watching the filming of this music video, it was of course filmed entirely on green screen so I was left to my imagination as to what the end result would look like. I remember at the time the band nor David Brodsky (director) had any real idea of what the video would resemble, but both explained it as "a bad drug trip you can't wake up from", if it was anyone else left with the task I may have been worried for the band, however I knew SS was in the hands of a true artist. Brodsky really has a knack for out doing himself all the time, what I always wondered is how much "research" went into simulating such a bad drug trip?

4) TRIVIUM – Throes Of Perdition

Chains haven't looked this cool since Operation: Mindcrime.

Trivium started off the 2009 hi-end music video wave with a killer effort, I remember thinking to myself that if Trivium can step up their music video game then I hope others will follow. I feel this video says more to me aesthetically than conceptually, but given the nature of what music video has become it's nice to see some kick ass planning and budgeting being put into videos. Chains, debris, awesome colors, dust, smoke, wind, old dude with his shirt off… what ISN'T metal about this video?

5) PSYOPUS Duct Tape Smile

Psyopus knows a thing or two about crazy female photographers.

It's awesome to see Psyopus finally have a music video insane enough to be on par with their music. This video may have missed the budget that most of the other videos on my list have seen, but it certainly more than made up for it with concept! I especially love the part where she is bashing in the dudes head with her camera, she must have one of them government issued SLR's.

6) MASTODON – Oblivion

Musicians, mountain climbers, astronauts, apocalypse survivors.. is there anything Mastodon can't do?

It seems like I can't open a website this year without reading at least one Mastodon article or seeing Crack the Skye on a top 10 list everywhere a top 10 list is to be found. If you know me personally, you'd know I prefer to disregard the "hype" band everyone is talking about and find another that can use some love. However, one can't deny Crack the Skye was a big step forward not only for Mastodon, but for progressive metal music in general. With killer records, comes killer videos and although I really liked both Divinations and Oblivion, I had to go with the later for my list because its just so damn pretty… plus letting the drummer shine is always a good move. ; )

7) RAMMSTEIN – Pussy

It's made in Germany… you know the Germans always make good stuff.

What can you really say about this video that isn't already exploited by the content itself? It's the most NSFW music video probably ever made, and really leaves nothing to the imagination. Both the song and video are fucking brilliant as far as I'm concerned, and if you hated this video maybe your just jealous? I'm going out on a limb here, but the replay value on this thing really surpasses a year long list, I have a feeling "Pussy" will be the new "Rick Roll" of the future. I said it.

8) TÝR – Hold The Heathen Hammer High

$20 says the viking ship in this video is what Heri uses to go grocery shopping.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no sense in denying Pagan/Folk Metal has grabbed the attention of our American metal scene the past couple years. What I find hysterical about the rise in late popularity is how many people (including some industry folk) think it's a "new" sub-genre and give it so much shit. None the less, one criticism I see thrown around falls under the gimmick category, and even I can't deny that many of these newer bands are jumping on the success wagon lately. Tyr however, now going on 12 years together, is one of my favorite Folk Metal bands out there. I know there were several ship related videos out this year, but being descendants of actual Vikings on their desolate Faeroe Island, this is the only one that lends itself to homage rather than gimmick in my opinion. This is a band that prides themselves on their culture, and rightfully so, because every TYR video release is another epic reason I'd want to visit the middle of nowhere.

9) PARADISE LOST – The Rise of Denial

I thought this was the movie trailer for "Mannequin 3"

It's almost scary to think Paradise Lost has been one of my favorite doom bands for 17 years now, and despite their less than metal experimentation in the late 90's I've always found this band to have one of the most unique writing styles in metal history. The new LP "Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us" is no exception, it's one of my favorite releases this year and often captures that early 90's PL feel making it all more nostalgic for any old school fan. The latest video release, "The Rise of Denial" contains a twisted concept I think hits close to home for me personally since one of my oldest (and scariest) memories is accidentally running into a taxidermy studio as a kid.

10) STEEL PANTHER – Death To All But Metal

Spandex, eye liner, and hair spray are unisex products… right?

I'm not going to lie, this video may be #10 on here, but I've personally watched this one more than any other on the list. It's laugh out loud funny, obnoxious, creative and comes with a positive message, how can you not love this video? I like every video they've done this year, but with such a high replay value and being the truly proper introduction the band needed to the world, I had to go with Death to All But Metal.

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