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10 Songs For Satan

Loud creepy music scares the crap out of regular folk, just like tales of fire and brimstone have freaked people out since The Middle Ages.

Loud creepy music scares the crap out of regular folk, just like tales of fire and brimstone have freaked people out since The Middle Ages.

Entombed – "Chief Rebel Angel"

In praise of the morning star
Say it!
Chief Rebel Angel

Entombed have been hailed as death metal pioneers, rock’n’roll enthusiasts, Wolverine fanboys [not really] and of course, as the forefathers of today’s warm and bludgeoning, “Entombed-core” sound. They don’t however get enough credit for being great salesmen. Stockholm’s heaviest sons’ seventh full-length album, Morning Star, is a giant Hallmark Card to Lucifer. They tackle this nefarious subject matter like skilled politicians, toting the Devil’s consistent track record and innovative, anti-Christian policies. Clever.

Slayer – "Spirit In Black"

Welcome to my world
Involve yourself within my dream
…I rule this inferno
Enthroned for eternity

When your band name is an acronym for Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot [it isn’t], and core membership consists of neo-Nazi Satanists [it doesn’t], you’d better believe that Slayer would be making an appearance on this here list. Sure, we could have gone with “Hell Awaits” or “Altar of Sacrifice” or “Skeleton Christ” or basically any Slayer song ever, but instead we went with “Spirit In Black” because it’s one of Slayer’s most underrated songs and the narrator, our boy Lucifer, references a few classic Slayer tunes in the lyrics [“Where the blood forever rains,” “Hear the piercing cries of all
who found that hell awaits”]. Meta Satanism trumps all.

Morbid Angel – "Fall From Grace"

I ride the flesh and the sinners of hell
I am Belial
I bend knee not before my selfish desire

Few bands can match Morbid Angel’s anti-Christian zeal. Their entire discography is a giant middle finger to Judeo-Christian beliefs and traditions. Thematically, the band’s output runs the gauntlet of ancient mysticism, Lovecraft worship, the occult and of course, some good old fashioned Satanism. Their 1991 sophomore album, Blessed Are The Sick, features one of their creepiest and most punishing odes to Belial ever recorded. Trey Azagthoth’s sinister guitar tone and David Vincent’s Church of Satan approved, spoken word stylings, makes “Fall From Grace” an underworld classic.

The Black Dahlia Murder – "Black Valor"

To the almighty one, unholy bearer of horns
Empower me, flow through my veins
And carry me in war
To the unwavering devoted to the dark
I drink these wines on majesty to you

Trevor Strnad is hands down, one of the best lyricists in modern metal. Since The Black Dahlia Murder’s inception, Strnad has injected new life into the usual metal friendly topics of zombies, werewolves, the occult and serial killers. As one would expect, his lyrics have dabbled in friendly neighborhood Satanism from time to time. “Of Darkness Spawned” and “Goat of Departure” were both in the running for inclusion here but Strnad’s heart racing, ‘Uncle Sam/Lucifer needs you’ enlistment anthem for Satanic holy war triumphed in the end. After all, “Black Valor’s our on side!”

Behemoth – "O Father O Satan O Sun!"

Thou spiritual Sun! Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust!
Cry aloud! Cry aloud!
Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O Satan, O Sun!

Behemoth are one of the loudest and most devoutly Satanic metal bands on the planet. Mr. Adam 'Nergal' Darski may have a Master's degree in History, but the dude secretly must have a PhD in blasphemy, crafting a two decade career out of unwavering, Anti-Christian metal goodness. The dude even got arrested for shredding the Bible onstage in Poland! Aside from it's obvious title, Behemoth's tenth and latest album, 2014's The Satanist, serves as Nergal and the boys' most focused and dedicated ode to the Prince of Darkness yet. The album's final track, "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is a gargantuan soul reaping tune, the kind of jam ol' Lucifer himself would play while lacing up his hooves in the morning that's for sure.


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