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Ok, SLAYER, Please Stop With The Shitty Merchandise

Posted by on February 14, 2012 at 11:16 am

As if overpriced Slayer condoms weren't enough, Slayer announced a new candy jar they're selling for $12.99 (wouldn't just an even $13 sound more evil?). Basically, it's a 99 cent jar they got at the Container Store, slapped a Slayer sticker on it, threw some candy inside and are now hocking it for thirteen bucks. The site makes sure to mention "the jar can be reused as a stash tin, dude." DUDE, stop it already! We get it, people really like Slayer. But nobody needs a set of Slayer playing cards or a Slayer tote bag. The Slayer rolling papers, however, they can stay!

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