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Mike Portnoy Says of METALLICA: “Never Has Such A Huge, Huge Band Had So Many Misses”

Portnoy has nothing but love for Metallica.

Portnoy has nothing but love for Metallica.

Mike Portnoy fancies himself a huge Metallica fan (I mean, what isn't really?) Portnoy is such a big fan, that you may recall Dream Theater did an entire cover album of Master of Puppets during Mike's tenure in the band.

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Which is why Portnoy was invited on the Metallica fan podcast Speak N Destroy hosted by Ryan Downey. During their chat, I feel like Portnoy made a great point:

The Black Album and Master of Puppets and Kill ‘Em All, these are the greatest metal albums of all time, but they’ve also had such incredible misses as well. It’s crazy. Never has such a huge, huge band also had so many. I mean, Lulu, oh my God. The fact that they made an album like that, or what they did with ‘St. Anger,’ or, in my opinion, with Load and Reload albums. So they’re not invincible.

They’re not like the Beatles, where everything they touched was perfect and classic and is gold. They’ve had these missteps as well, but it just never seemed to stop them.”

It is indeed very impressive that a band with such blunders is still able to be the best band in the damn world. I guess it shows, if you write at least three classic albums, you can tour the fuck out of them for the rest of your life. Which is not to say that Metallica didn't rebound with their recent releases (which I absolutely think they did) and they are as big as ever, if not bigger.

Metallica seem to only play stadiums and big arenas now. In fact, after completing a sold out run of stadium shows last year, they have a ton of dates all across the country in major arenas. Get that routing here.

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Listen to the entire podcast with Portnoy gushing about Metallica here:

[via MetalSucks]

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