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METALLICA's Lars Ulrich Wears A Thong Onstage (Update: Nope, Just A Shadow!)

Posted by on May 12, 2015 at 12:26 pm

Today's thing I didn't really need to know comes courtesy of MetalSucks. If you paid close attention to the Metallica live footage we posted yesterday, you may have noticed that from certain angles, you could see drummer Lars Ulrich's underwear, and if you really look, that underwear happens to be a thong. Lars just likes to let his buttcheeks breathe while he drums off time, I guess?

This to me is more disturbing than the time we learned Lars likes to go into bathrooms with his cokehead friends just to watch them snort blow.

Update: After intense debate in the Metal Injection HQ about the matter, Frank, who himself is a drummer, states that Lars is probably going commando (aka not wearing any underwear at all) and what we're seeing is just shadows and his monitor. Frank even went into super detail about why this is a shadow:

  1. You can clearly see a grade in opacity as the shadow fades, something that clearly doesn’t happen with material since it’s not light. The shadow also goes past his skin onto his jeans. 
  2. Unless he is wearing undies where the elastic band is so old and loose that it no longer holds a proper shape, this is shadow. Lars wears designer jeans to play in, you think he’s going to skimp on the undies?
  3. The shadow from his left arm onto his leg follows the same exact direction as the shadow in question. It’s from the same light source in the south east corner of the stage. 

And, alas, Frank was right. TMZ got a hold of the story and contacted a Metallica rep, who corroborated that it's just a shadow and Lars actually goes commando:

“A rep for Ulrich tells us what appears to be red undies in the viral pic is just the shadow of Lars’ shirt — created by stage lighting. In fact, Lars is actually going commando in the shot, so what you’re really staring intently at… is his ass crack.”



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