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METALLICA's Lars Ulrich Invited Some A-Listers To His Bachelor Party

But what were they wearing?

But what were they wearing?

Seeing as though Metallica travel around with a washing machine, it's clear to see they live their lives on a different level of existance than the rest of us plebeians. So, with his impending nuptials to model Jessica Miller, Lars decided to have an old-fashioned bachelor party.

Lars' bachelor party was a low-key affair that ended up being picked up by People magazine, you know, like most bachelors parties.

People reports that Lars had a "boys' weekend" in San Francisco with some of his closest friends. He went to the Lucky Strike bowling alley and got a private room for him and his friends who happen to be actors Bradley Cooper, Sir Ian McKellen and of course Metallica frontman James Hetfield. Can you imagine that rat pack? Anyway, this sparks some questions:

How did Ian McKellen get involved in all of this?

Is Lars Ulrich a terrible bowler?

Why did People magazine have to use the qualifier "lead singer of Metallica" for James Hetfield?

How come Kirk and Robert Trujillo, or literally anybody else metal, weren't invited?

I can go on and on. People also reports that the top bowler of the night was Bradley Cooper and that the party "hung out in the private Green Room and ate sushi and spinach dip."  Ulrich made sure to sign a bowling pin for one of the employees before leaving.

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