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911 Call Reveals CREED's Scott Stapp Threatened To Kill Barack Obama

Posted by on December 12, 2014 at 12:10 pm

The Scott Stapp goes crazy saga continues! It all started Stapp posted a startling video announcing his money was frozen and he's been living in a Holiday Inn. Then, we learned he is going through a divorce with his wife, and in an effort to raise money, launched an ill-fated crowdfunding campaign, which has since been yanked. His son spoke out on Twitter saying his dad chose drugs over his family. And, he might be put back into psychiatric hold after skipping out on a court appearance.

But why did he go into psychiatric hold the first time?

According to a newly-surfaced 911 call by Stapp's wife, Jaclyn, obtained by TMZ, the moment Stapp returned from the psychiatric hold, he left his home, shirtless, on a bike, with two backpacks containing what he thinks are CIA documents. Stapp thinks he's been trained by the CIA to take out Barack Obama. This call is nuts:

The cops eventually found Stapp and decided he was not showing enough signs of mental instability to commit him. Stapp told the cops that his wife stop $6 million from him and when he confronted her, she tried to lock him up.

Of course there could be a chance that Jaclyn is lying but once you hear Scott Stapp's call to 911 claiming his wife stole his vehicle, suddenly, Jaclyn sounds like the reasonable one:

That poor 911 operator.

Scott Stapp needs help.

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