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DISTRICT UNKNOWN: The Afghani Metal Group Named After District 9 Talk About Their Social Struggles

We've had some posts in the past about metal bands in places like war-torn South Africa, heavy metal churches of Columbia, and the overall metal scene in Mozambique. It's interesting to see how metal effects other cultures and what the music means to them beyond something to listen to. To some it's a hopeful message that reaches out and keeps them going, while others it's an entire way of life. For District Unknown of Kabul, Afghanistan, it's a dangerous rebellion against everything their lifestyle has tried to impart on them.

District Unknown, who the band say named themselves after the politically-driven science-fiction film District 9, have had a tough time being a metal band in Afghanistan. In their video on, the band talk about how they're nearly thwarted at every turn by their culture, including religious extremists who don't believe in the art form. The above site is much more than just the website for District Unknown- it's an entire six-episode series by MTVu that looks into the struggles of oppressed musical artists and just regular artists across the globe. The site describes the series as “grappling with elements of social injustice, from the revolution in Egypt, to sexual oppression in India, and to a Mexican drug harbor struggling to reinvent itself as a cultural haven." There are plenty of mini-episodes and clips streaming on the site to check out, so go for it! You'll learn a lot, I promise.

Oh, and you can check out District Unknown right here.

[via MetalSucks]

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