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Documentary on the Mozambique Metal Scene Looks Awesome!

When the idea of a metal scene is brought up, we hardly think of countries that don't receive big tours or aren't brought up in conversations in general. Filmographer Leslie Bornstein isn't one of those people and looked into the idea of the metal scene in Mozambique; the results, named Terra Pesada, are amazing.

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Bornstein told, by way of Blabbermouth, in an interview about the movie:

"At this point in life, very little surprises me. I was most impressed by how talented the Mozambican metal kids were, by how seriously they took their music and by how knowledgeable they were. They all played several instruments and several genres of music as well. I was also impressed by their resourcefulness and fearless mastery of technology. They know hardware and software. They build their own computers. They aren't afraid to take anything apart to see how it works."

"This is the first generation of Mozambicans to grow up in peace. They are the first to have the luxury of being rebellious, disaffected youth. Like metal kids the world over, except maybe Germany and the Scandinavian countries, they hold onto their outsider status while fighting for acceptance. It's interesting how much they value education and believe that getting a good education will lead to a better life.

"My biggest surprise was when I came back to the States. I thought everyone would love this as much as I did and that I'd have no problem finding support. After all, our president's father was from Africa."

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You can watch the rest of the trailers here. There have been some really interesting documentaries on the metal scenes around the world, namely about war-torn Angola and Columbian heavy metal churches, and this one looks just as interesting. Go ahead and check out the site they've set up for the movie and donate a few bucks if you've got it!

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