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BEYONCE Selling SLAYER-Inspired "Slayoncé" Pins On Current Tour

Do you think Beyonce ever jammed out to Raining Blood?

Do you think Beyonce ever jammed out to Raining Blood?

Metal is all over fashion nowadays, and now it's invading pop music. We've seen Rihanna display merch with a death metal logo, we've seen Justin Bieber repurpose Marilyn Manson shirts as his own and sell tour merch with his own metal logo. And Kanye West straight up jacked Metallica's logo for his Yeezus branding. Pop star Zayn Malik co-opted Slayer's logo in a recent tour design.

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I guess Beyonce got the memo as well, because as Metal Insider points out – she is selling "Slayoncé" pins at her current Formation tour. An eBay listing shows the pin goes for $40 on the reseller market. The trend did not sit well with Slayer guitarist Kerry King's wife, Ayesha, who posted the pin a few months ago with the caption "Just. Stop. Stop it right now. This is a real pin being sold at her merch tables on her tour."

As my friend, who is a Beyonce fan pointed out, in her single "Formation," the main line of the bridge is "cause I slay," with her repeating the term "slay" many times over the course of the song. So, the play on words can likely be attributed to that, and then somebody in her camp likely brought up the Slayer logo as a jumping off point.

It seems like this is a trend that just won't go away. H&M is selling actual metal shirts now (which is fine, they're affordable, and bands make some cash – unlike Urban Outfitters who charge way too much). But metal is making its markon high end fashion as well. We saw Gucci co-opt an AC/DC logo, Avalone create a hoodie inspired by a Mortician logo and a fashion magazine call metal "the look of the summer."


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