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LIZARD PROFESSOR Deliver A Mindblowing Prog Metal Adventure On Eccentricity

Forth Worth, Texas based prog weirdos Lizard Professor are set to release their extravagant debut album, Eccentricity, this Friday, September 9th. And we've got the full early stream of it to show you!

Forth Worth, Texas based prog weirdos Lizard Professor are set to release their extravagant debut album, Eccentricity, this Friday, September 9th. And we've got the full early stream of it to show you!

The impact Between The Buried And Me have had on the modern progressive metal music scene is immense in my opinion. Not only as modern torchbearers carrying on the good work of prog gods like Dream Theater, but more so for the way that they've shown a new path forwards for prog metal everywhere. Mainly in the sense of creating prog unafraid to still tap into the aggressive side of metal within a progressive context. While also crafting music that draws from a multitude of metal and non-metal ideas for a melting pot that could easily draw comparisons to groups like Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3, among many others. I mention all that because icons like Between The Buried And Me And Mr. Bungle have clearly had a hefty influence on the mindset and vision of newer prog metal heroes like Lizard Professor. Lest I bore everyone, you can head below to start checking out our early stream of Eccentricity while you read.

I first became aware of Fort Worth, Texas based oddballers Lizard Professor back in 2010 when their initial EP, Offthewallogy, was released and I immediately became obsessed with their zany adventurous music. Luckily for any of you new to the group, all of the amazing compositions from that release are a part of Eccentricity, albeit in revised and upgraded form! If there's only one thing I ask of you dear readers when checking this album out, it's that Eccentricity is a purposefully strange and infinitely eclectic album. So don't write it off based on one song or part of a song. This multi-headed hydra of a release cycles through too many different sounds to be judged by a singular song. In it's totality, it covers a diverse sonic range comparable to fellow modern prog weirdos Cyborg Octopus and The Odious, while also drawing strong comparisons (at times) to groove oriented ethereal groups like the Devin Townsend Project, beyond the aforementioned Between The Buried And Me and Mr. Bungle comparisons which will prove quite apt once you delve into what this has to offer. The album also has a penchant for diving into segments and riffs in line with progressive death metal, modern shred heavy melo-death like Conducting From The Grave and Flub, proggy sludge moments, some power metal influences in both the guitar-work and vocals at times, and also technical death metal inspired moments as well. Really, what I'm trying to say, is that this is a prog nerds dream, and goddamn is it delicious at each and every twist and endless turn that always come out of nowhere but always somehow fit.

Fr0m the amazing instrumental performances of each member that deliver the foundation for the music, to the massive range of vocal styles and techniques carefully augmented by playful and well chosen vocal effects, Eccentricity is one of the best prog metal albums I've heard in modern times. Possibly ever, and I do stand by that. So if you enjoyed this year's Cyborg Octopus album as much as I did when we helped stream that early here at Metal-Injection, you'll shit your pants and die when you hear this. The same thing goes for any fans of The Odious, Between The Buried And Me, and Mr. Bungle out there. I'd honestly love to do a deep dive into dissecting Eccentricity track-by-track, but there is so much going on in each track to make that feasible. To do so would just be a futile exercise in the needless masturbation of words. Better to experience this for yourself to understand what I mean when is say this is fucking amazing music that prog heads will rejoice over for years to come.

At close to an hour and twenty minutes, it's an album that has a lot to offer, but it never feels like a drag at any point, on any song. It's album's like Eccentricity that make me proud as fuck to be able to help share and cover so much of the underground metal scenes vast talent. What Lizard Professor deliver on Eccentricity is endlessly ambitious music, and it never falls flat or fails to work. Perfection never sounded so twisted, weird, and original. While the band was considered to be broken up, and this was to be their final release, I asked out of desperation if new music in the future is possible, and they said it's a possibility. So be sure to support this album so we can get more amazing prog metal like this in the future from Lizard Professor! Lizard Professor – Eccentricity officially comes out this Friday, September 9th. And can be ordered digitally through their Bandcamp Page here. Physical CD versions will hopefully come later but aren't available as of now. Be sure to follow Lizard Professor over on their Facebook page as well!

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