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FLUMMOX's Trippy New Album, Selcouth, Will Perplex You In The Best Way Possible

Posted by on February 8, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Sometimes the only way to get through a Monday is to get weird with it. And try to forget how much the beginning of the week sucks. With that in mind, we've got an early stream of the new Flummox record to help ease your Monday suffering. For those new to Flummox, they are a Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based power trio that are difficult to categorize. Their sound is often split between an obvious love affair with Black Sabbath and all things doomy, and an equal desire to deliver oddball eclectic multi-genre mash-up nonsense similar to Mr. Bungle and Primus.

The result, as their name clearly indicates, is quite flummoxing. And so we leave it to you listeners out there to determine whether this madness delights your ears or not. Selcouth isn't for everyone, but at the least, its possible to claim that it's a unique experience that is bound to generate a split consensus. Which is often the mark of truly original and out there music. So if you think weird music rocks, Selcouth is for you. Press play below, but consider imbibing substances first that make the trip, well trippier. Flummox-Selcouth comes out February 12th through Tridroid Records and can be ordered here.

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