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DIVINE REALM Unleash A World Of Shredtastic Groovy Goodness On Tectum Argenti

Posted by on February 17, 2016 at 4:33 pm

Instrumental metal has been on a massive uptick for a number of years now. While it's hardly a new thing when you consider that classical instrumental metal releases like Spastic Ink- Ink Complete are almost 20 years old by now. Just to give a single example. But ever since bands like Animals As Leaders, Scale The Summit, and djent came around, there's seemed to be a much greater interest in it among the metal faithful. And among musicians interested in exploring the infinite possibilities found in writing music that doesn't need to vocals in order to express a wide range of emotions. With that in mind, we bring you an early stream of Tectum Argenti, the debut full-length from Canadian based prog-groove masters Divine Realm.

While Tectum Argenti certainly will easily appeal to the djent crowd with its plentiful grooves and cybernetic stomp, I'd say it sonically has more in common with a riffing and lead style more in line with the likes of Between The Buried And Me and Pomegranate Tiger. From experimental electronic interludes and lush samples, to soaring solos and a penchant for diving into lightning fast tempos on certain songs, Divine Realm have made sure that this release is quite eclectic.  More than anything, Divine Realm have always written music centered around rich musical motifs that act as hooks in lieu of vocals. This trait is but one of several factors that helps them stand apart, and stick in your head, more than a lot of their peers. If you like what you hear, Tectum Argenti comes out next Tuesday, February 23rd. And can be pre-ordered here.

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