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BEEF BROS Is A 'Leftist Himbo Superhero Comic' Featuring Music by THE SWORD's Kyle Shutt


Beef Bros is an upcoming 32-page comic by former Marvel editor Aubrey Sitterson and artist Tyrell Cannon. According to Sitterson, the Beef Bros are “happy-go-lucky bodybuilding himbos who stand up for their community”. A Kickstarter for the comic has already raised over $27,000 dollars. Sitterson says he is "blown away" by the achievement.

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Huey and Ajax Beef fight back against corrupt landlords on behalf on society’s most downtrodden. Armed with late 80s comic muscles and wildly over-the-top action, the Beef Bros will not be forgotten by anyone who catches a glimpse of them.

“The core foundation of (the Beef Bros) very simple understanding of the world is that humanity works better together. Our natural state is co-operation…beneath (the modern superhero genre) runs some pretty gnarly, ugly, even reactionary assumptions about society and cultures and how people operate. In most superhero comics, what you see are super cops. And that’s not what superheroes originally were, which was amazing individuals using their strength and power to help regular people. But now they’re extensions of any number of different hierarchies, whether it’s the military or big corporations. Basically upholding law and order. It's all very centralist ideals…they’re practically Dirty Harry."

"But we wanted to scratch all the itches and take what we love from all these different mediums. But with a political and social basis that doesn’t make us want to cringe.”

BEEF BROS Is A 'Leftist Himbo Superhero Comic' Featuring Music by THE SWORD's Kyle Shutt

The Beef Bros Kickstarter campaign video features music by Kyle Shutt of The Sword. Artist Tyrell Cannon is a big metalhead and wrote the comic Weed Priest based on Sleep’s epic Dopesmoker. Aubrey says The Sword was his gateway into metal and he was thrilled to collaborate with Shutt on the video. Shutt says that he and Aubrey met through social media and a “love octagon” of mutual contacts.

BEEF BROS Is A 'Leftist Himbo Superhero Comic' Featuring Music by THE SWORD's Kyle Shutt

“I’m really excited to read the comic, so I was happy to let him use the song,” Shutt said in a recent interview with Metal Injection, “We’re all supporting eachother as much as we can…I had recently run a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book I’m writing called Written In Stone and Aubrey was just the most supportive guy in the world, retweeting every single thing. When he came to me, I told him a Kickstarter campaign is like signing up for a heart attack.”

“Earlier this year, I threw a raffle to benefit the Austin Justice Coalition. They work to  bridge the gaps between law enforcement and people of color. It’s tough right now, I know it’s tough. But if every artist took one week to do something that helps the people of color in their community… just think of the major difference we could make. Because ee can use our platforms to inspire others to do the same.”

Beef Bros will be available in April 2021. Pre-order your copy here.

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