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Revelations of Doom

Southern Discomfort: BAHIMIRON

Southern Discomfort: BAHIMIRON

Welcome once again to Revelations of Doom, Grim Kim's guide to all things ugly, obscure, and awesome in the good ol' extreme metal underground. This time around, the spotlight comes to rest upon a genre quite near and dear to my heart – nasty, blasphemous, and raw-as-fuck black metal. Welcome to hell.

If the existence of our current Commander in Chief isn’t enough proof that the Lonestar State is a veritable breeding ground for pure evil, take an ear to some of its more sinister musical exports and you’ll find proof enough. After all, the likes of AVERSE SEFIRA, BROWN JENKINS, RIGOR MORTIS, and the mighty ABSU all hail from this conservative stronghold. For those of you that like your black metal as raw and diseased as the bloody meat that WATAIN tends to chuck at their crowds, allow me to introduce you to BAHIMIRON, Christraping progenitors of the next great Texas chainsaw (gutsfucking) massacre.

BAHIMIRON have been spreading their own particular brand of aural terrorism throughout the underground for years, releasing a string of cult demos and coming together with like-minded hellraisers SARGEIST on a 2006 split release. Their sound is brutal, ugly, and mean; positively nasty basslines (lain down by Jenoside, who also injects a rare shot of estrogen into this very male-dominated genre), appropriately rough-edged riffs straight outta circa-1994-Norway, a vocalist who sounds like he’s gargling a cathedral’s worth of broken stained glass, and a drummer who perpetually sounds as if he’s seconds away from losing all control and descending into outright chaos all lend a hand in making up the sonic maelstrom that is BAHIMIRON. This shit is fucking bestial.

The fine folks at Moribund just released Southern Nihilizm, Bahimiron’s first album of all-original material, this past August. Fans of BEHERIT, HORNA, BEHEXEN, and DARKTHRONE take note – if you haven’t already been worshipping at BAHIMIRON's blackened altar, it’s well past time for you to start.

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