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ASK ME I'M RIGHT: Greg Weeks answers questions about food vs music, scary fans, living in a cave

ASK ME I'M RIGHT: Greg Weeks answers questions about food vs music, scary fans, living in a cave

On the heels of wrapping up the most extreme tour of the Summer, we present another thrilling advice column from The Red Chord bassist Greg Weeks. Whether its music, girls of life in general, Greg is always right. Submit your inquiries to [email protected] and Greg will solve all your problems. All questions are presented as they were received:

Dear Greg,
Let me start out by saying that you are the avatar (blue aliens) of bass players.I don't know whether to go to culinary school or art school and study music.I love cooking and music.I've been in a band and I know its pretty crazy sometimes.But i just want to know what made you choose music as your professional career.thanks \m/TRC!!!!!\m/

p.s. bass solos plz

If by Avatar you mean I'm a less cool version of everything I've ever done up to this point then, thank you? Music was the only thing that was a constant in my life and so when I went to college it was the only thing I considered studying. After I graduated I had no idea what to do with my degree but through chance I ended up in this band. If I wasn't in this band I'd still be studying and working in music. If you are driven by something you have to follow it. If it's food then it's food. I love food! I'll play a bass solo if you cook me some mean dish. Go!!!


Mr. Weeks

I met this really awesome band that I've always loved to death…and well this was my first time meeting them…I made art for all the bands on this show! cause well lets face it the line up was amazing..anyhow i gave the band an art work and their lead singer said," hes gonna use it for merch during the euro tour.." i felt like Jesus but without magic tricks….my question is how do make sure this happens? and get one..too…cause if the shirt didn't get made lets be honest I'd feel like a Jew in a "special camp"……..

your spick

Mr. Gore

You are a scary scary man.



I went mad 4 years ago and had to go live in a cave alone for a while, where I've been since. Recently, I'd been getting bored of the cave and decided to leave once I packed my shit together. Then what happened was, a girl (those ones with the holes) came into the cave and using a combination of words and her appearance it caused me to lose my appetite, and ability to sleep and think. I believe this means she is a witch, or a succubus or something. Now she wants me to leave the cave, but, I still haven't finished packing my shit together. What should I choose, the shit or the succubus?

Thanks in advance,

Sure, women are complicated maniacs but let me simplify this for you. If she's cool, and you know if she is or not, then leave that cave son. If she's just hot and not cool, you know what I'm saying, then hide away some more. Ladies are all about temperature. If you can find a warm (hot and cool) then you're golden.


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