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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME I'M RIGHT Returns – Greg Weeks Answers Some Of Life's Big Questions

ASK ME I'M RIGHT Returns – Greg Weeks Answers Some Of Life's Big Questions

When Greg Weeks isn't blowing people's minds with his band, The Red Chord, the dude takes some time to answer some of life's important questions, yours! Whether its music, girls of life in general, Greg is always right. Submit your inquiries to [email protected] and Greg will solve all your problems.

Hey there,

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I need help. My band consists completely of total pussies and I'm sick of their girly whiny shit. I can't seem to find another band that's good enough tho. I want people who know what they're doing and who play their music with passion. Not too many of those out there it seems. What should I do now? As a singer it's hard to start a solo career…

Thanks, drink hard.
Phil from Germany

Dear Phil from Germany,
You've got two choices my man. You can pick up an instrument and write your own tunes then grab some people who are willing to play exactly what you want or find like minded gents who are willing to bend and share their ideas with you. Remember, being in a band is tough. Everyone has their own vision and you have to find a meeting point that everyone can live with. In closing, I hope that by "girly shit" you don't mean teased hair and makeup. Face and I were just watching "metal mania" a show that features old hard rock videos from the 80's. Holy shit! Leather vests with no shirt on? A winning combo.

You're hilarious. I'm currently in college, studying mass communications. You're associated with Metal Injection, and you're always right…. Well, I have this problem. I want to start a podcast, with metal music. What should I expect to pay for podcast licensing through BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP?

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Your soul.


Dear Greg,

What advice would you give to an aspiring fan on how to grow such a wicked beard?

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– Jon

Dear Jon with no h,

Start by doing a hundred push ups a day on shattered glass. Step two is to head butt a mighty oak in the bowels of the ancient forrest. Finally, arm wrestle the elder gray bear at the peak of Mt. Washington. Only then will the secrets of the beard be revealed. Either that or you can wait until you're out of diapers and grow one the old fashioned way, by being a fucking man!
Hope this helps,

So my question is…Who would win in a battle to the death……A Yetti or Bigfoot?

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Trick question, Lemmy is God.

Boner Needle!

Hey Red Chord dude! Remember me? I'm that total bad-ass that saw you guys at mayhem in San Diego. Now that you know who i am i just want to know when The Red Chord fanny packs will be availible for purchase at your merch retailers. Oh yeah, and that Gunface is one slick dude. Since he gets all the smokin hot groupies, does he ever hook you guys up and send one your way? Record something already a-holes, its almost 2009, at least do a dance remix of "Open Eyed Beast Attack" .

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You guys are RAD!!!

If I ever see you again I will either fight you to the death or hug you. I have just decided this. The fanny packs will be available by this summer at all Hot Topics. The truth about Face and the rest of us is that we do not get any chicks. We have removed our genitals to focus all our energy on rock n' roll. Girls do not matter to us. We are in the studio now recording our 4th record and the b-side will be the "Beast Attack" re-mix. Nick, you're RAD!

About to do something regrettable but need that extra push? You can get advice from Greg Weeks. Just email [email protected]

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