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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Nice Day for a White Wedding Gift

My best friend is getting married soon but I still don't know what to give them for their wedding gift. Do you have any ideas as to what would make a great gift. Your advice would be greatly appreciating.

Greg's response: Man-dawg,I was recently my cousins best man at his wedding and I got them a congrats gift, a wedding shower gift and a wedding gift. By the end of it I was just throwing cash at him. In return I got a very nice watch, some sandles and a six of IBC. Since he's your best friend get him something that might bring him back to the days of old, back before he decided to give up his life. Make him remember the good times and have it relate to you. That does it for advice to Manny, here's some advice to everyone else out there. Try not to date your cousins friends. One of my ex's was in the wedding party and another ex showed up to the wedding. It was very comfortable being there with those two and my current girlfriend. I was always too lazy to put any effort into geting a girlfriend and it bit me in the ass. Look past friends and relatives to find that special someone or you might be seeing them for the rest of your life.


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