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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Best? Ever?

okay i know you probably get this alot, but Aiden is my FAVORITE band in the world…..its like….u know when you get that anxious/happy/ecstatic feeling in your heart when u hear a song…well that is how Aiden makes me feel all of the time…..i want to get backstage and meet them and get an autograph…but i have NO idea how to ……and how much it costs and all that stuff…..i have been a fan of Aiden since well FOREVER….and i am dying to meet them…i ALMOST met them at Warped Tour 2006 but the heat got unbearable and they had to go back to the bus……and it would mean alot to me if i could but a backstage pass and meet them….i am currently 14 and my name is Brianna…..please if you could tell me how to get a backstage pass and all that stuff before November 25 when im going to see them…that would be AWESOME!!! thank you so much!!
Greg's response:

HA HA HA! oh man! Even if this is a joke it's the best advice question ever. Brianna, I'm not sure who you think I am but on Nov. 25th I'm going to be in Dallas, TX at the Gypsy Tea Room with GWAR and Municiple Waste ( Come out and see the show). And as for the Aiden guys, I've never met them in my entire life. I've never even heard their band. I'm sure it was the heat that was exhausting them and not the eyeliner. Anyways, this question made me laugh my ass off even if a 30 year old jokester who probably still lives with his mom wrote it. Aiden, that rules.


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