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Metal In The Mainstream

Kendall Jenner Must Love MEGADETH

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Is Kendall Jenner an actual metalhead? Or is it just her stylist who thinks she likes the aesthetic. I ask because Kendall was photographed at Coachella this weekend wearing a cut-up Megadeth t-shirt.

Last year, Kendall was photographed in a Slayer t-shirt at a public awards show, so maybe she at least knows the Big 4? It was a bit disturbing how many photos of Kendall at Coachella are available online, including this gem:


Here is one our buds at MetalSucks found:


Kendall Jenner… potential metalhead. She joins Topenga, who was seen rocking Lamb of God & Slipknot shirts.

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