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Watch: First Metal Show Since Quarantine Happened This Weekend

destruction quarantine show

Congratulations to Destruction for becoming the first band to perform live since quarantine kicked off in mid-March dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It went down on Saturday, July 4th in Pratteln, Switzerland's Z7 club.

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Switzerland have been behaving and their coronavirus cases were down to double digits in June, but saw a slight uptick to the low hundreds this weekend. Overall, there have only been 32,000 cases in the country, which seems relatively safe.

The venue also made sure to undersell, letting in about 300 people in a 1,600 cap venue, giving people plenty of space to physically distance.

Destruction commented on social media saying "Respect for the discipline that the Metal community showed at these social distancing concerts, this is the way this should be done. A big CHEERS to the Z7 team for the invitation, the love and the perfect administration. We are all hoping and working on more shows, as soon as our governments will give us guidelines and options!"

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Looking at the footage below, it's hard to tell how much distancing is happening. It certainly seems as such in the back, but it's harder to tell how things are in the front of the stage, based on the angle of the video being from the back of the house.

Hopefully, nobody left the show with an extra souvenir they can pass to others.

Metal band Arcturus also played a show this weekend in Oslo, Norway. Footage of that show can be seen here.

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The first metal shows since quarantine in the States happens later this month. Meanwhile, Live Nation is renegotiating contracts with artists, and hoping to be fully back by summer 2021. Many independent venues are struggling to survive. Everything from hazmat suits to empty seats to disinfectant mist stations have been suggested, and even building a socially distant venue has come up.

Destruction on stage as we speak at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland! ?

Posted by Destruction on Saturday, July 4, 2020

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