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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

SIJJIN, RASPBERRY BULBS Among The Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

SIJJIN – Vorago of Adullam

This occult-tinged death trio out of Berlin evoke Morbid Angel/Death and pour it on thick, fast and furious. Acrobatic guitars, incessant pummel, and throat gurgle courtesy of Malte from Necros Christos who were around for two decades. Make their acquaintence.


Seeing this hit on Relapse was a complete surprise considering RBs never quite clinically became a 'metal band', but the pure spirit of what they're DNA is about falls well in line with any idiom or relation to what people call black metal. Aggressive, lo-fi punk/blackened weirdness from the getgo, they never quite got in with punk or metal NYC scenes, often playing out in Rockaway or somewhere. They've used Eurythmics graphics in their releases. Marco Del Rio's resume includes Bone Awl who were almost more a blackened noise-rock band, drummer Ning Nong is the best record buyer in NYC. There's a world of influence at hand, you can't pigeonhole it, but it's gonna lead you to some more weird metal fruit if you follow the vine.

TODAY IS THE DAY – No Good To Anyone

A simmering, downtempo bit of intimate time with Steve Austin whispering personal psychodramas in your ear while the band descends a slow, winding staircase. Am told this is a rather unique track in relation to the rest of the LP, but I like it's stoked-up drama and just how different this band is from the days of its inception. Curious to hear the rest of the LP and see them live at this juncture.

SNORLAX – The Resin Tomb

Already veterans of airplay on Gimme shows like By This Wax I Rule! and Battleflutes and Sideways Skulls, this Queensland project of one Brendan Auld (noted from running a well-ultilized Brisbane studio) deserves a much bigger audience than the 17 views of this particular video on You Tube at press time! Filthy, yet well-crafted and produced blackened death, culled from the brand new 'II' LP on the Aussie imprint Brilliant Emperor. Do they eat and sleep all the time like their big-gutted Pokemon namesake? To be determined.

CO)))LTRANE – Untitled

Not necessarily new but popped up recently in my travels, and what a bloody marvelous thing. John Coltrane's "Mars" (from his all-time heaviest sonic-spew 'Interstellar Space' from '74) mashed with the total doom of Sunn o)))'s "Rabbit Revenge". Who knows if this amorphous slab of music ever got any further than one toss on You Tube (Trane's grandson Flying Lotus apparently digs it) in terms of a logistical release, but if it opens to door to more of this kind of thing I'm all for. Earth/Archie Shepp? Gnaw/Kenny G?

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