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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

FORETOKEN, ACID KING, TEERVEET KÄDET & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Tracks worthy of adding to any playlist taken from Gimme Metal's illustrious Director of Programming, Brian Turner.

Foretoken – "Serpent King’s Venom"

Steeped in both Middle Eastern and Western Folklore, Virginia’s Foretoken fuse mythological ethereality with heavy muscular chug for a winning formula. Their sophomore LP Triumph hits March 17 on Prosthetic and we’ve got them for an exclusive guest DJ special on March 14!

Acid King – "Mind’s Eye"

Lori S. has led Bay Area doomheads Acid King through a righteous career of downer amp crackle and deconstruction of the universe, and they are back after a spell with their forthcoming Beyond Vision out March 24 on Blues Funeral. The heavy spell continues albeit with a more atmospheric/psychedelic bent, perhaps due in part to the addition of Hawkwind alumnus Bryce Shelton on keyboards. Regardless, we are stoked for the return and we’ve finally got Lori to step up to the DJ booth here on Gimme! Tune in Friday, March 24 at 3pm ET/12pm PT!

Terveet Kädet – "Kiertokulku"

Hey chumps, did you know Gimme has started a punk channel? It just started, but it’s growing with the addition of weekly guests (Poison Idea’s Jerry A guest DJ’s on Tuesday March 14!) as well as Finnish stalwarts Teerveet Kädet April 4! A band that should also turn some metal heads around (Sepultura and Mike Patton are big fans). Started in 1979 by Läjä Äijälä (who, like disciples Circle, has created music with multiple projects in almost every genre imaginable), TK received worldwide acclaim until their 2016 disbanding. They’re back with Kaikki kaikkia vastaan and continue to stomp mightily with hardcore chops and metallic grind in a way that should please every Discharge fan.

Ice Age – "The Needle’s Eye"

No relation the to Danish postpunkers, this Ice Age hail from NYC and have locked down a superb prog-metal formula of nimble time-signature leaps, soaring vocals and keyboards courtesy Josh Pincus, and battened-down heavy chops. Fans of Queensryche and Rush (with a decidedly Sabbath edge) should reach out.

Angerot – "Bastard Creature"

A fine lot of Midwestern stock, Angerot have never hidden the fact their hearts are close to Europe. More complementary to Swedish death metal rather than picking at its bones to faithfully replicate, Angerot infuses a heady dose of black metal aesthetic, death growl, and other sideways passages to guide your journey. The Profound Recreant is out March 24 on Redefining Darkness, and mark your calendars for their guest DJ return on Gimme on the 29.

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