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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

POISON RUIN, LITURGY, FUGITIVE & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Poison Ruin

Half businessman, half madman, full metalhead – Brian Turner, Gimme Metal's Programming Director, shares the top tracks.

Poison Ruïn – "Resurrection II"

Philly’s Poison Ruïn are a unique lot, primarily punk in genre aesthetic, you get a metallic drive, in particular the subterranean cheap guitar fuzz ala Darkthrone, not to mention their lyrical flights of fantasy. The punkoid element comes in when the spotlight switches from opulent sword-swinging of the King’s court to the focus on mass uprising. Charging and swinging all the way. Harvest is out April 14 on Relapse.

Liturgy – "Before I Knew the Truth"

Liturgy’s black metal moves have long proved to be a crossover element to reach different audiences, but this far down the line they have cemented their identity with a truly unique sound that keeps progressing. Equal parts sunlight and gloom, the band shines on their forthcoming 93696 and this track in particular with off-groove classical movements, piano passages, electronic glitchery, toy piano and more to add a wildly colorful element to the see-sawing motion behind Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix’s tortured growl. We’ve got a guest DJ special en route as well here, Friday, April 28.

Fugitive – "Hell’s Half Acre"

Following the abrupt end of Power Trip, Blake Ibanez has returned with a new project to keep the Texas death torch aflame. Last year’s Maniac cassette sees vinyl release now on 20 Buck Spin and it murders. With a tidier sound than Power Trip (note the near-metronomic, late Ministry-esque guitar chug) there’s no lack of filth and fury here. The band is rounded out by Seth Gilmore (Skourge), Lincoln Mullins (Creeping Death), Victor Gutierrez, and Andy Messer and whips up a hurricane force attack. Grab this 12” and here’s hoping it’s a springboard for lots for Fugitive.

Negative Prayer – "Morbid"

This new 7” slab furthers the case that Carbonized is SLAYING it this year (see Street Tombs and Mortuous, both of whom have offered up Gimme DJ specials). As their motto says “total crust destruction”, and they’ve got the stellar lineup of guitarist/vocalist Kyle House (Decrepisy, ex-Acephalix, ex-Poison Idea, ex-Vastum) and drummer Charles Koryn (Chthonic Deity, Decrepisy, Funebrarum, VoidCeremony) to bolster the case at hand.

Thron – "Return"

The amalgamation of some soaring Priest/Maiden influences and primo 90’s Norwegian black metal enable Thron to whip up a blenderful of tasteful aggression. The erasure of boundaries allows this bunch to freely blast pure heat at all times from the getgo, their fire-stoked flurry relentless in its attack. Dust is out March 31st on Listenable.

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