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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

LOUD NIGHT, GRIIIM Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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LOUD NIGHT – Taskmaster

The Richmond VA combo take a curious amalgamation of Detroit classic rock, D-Beat and thrash pummel and cloak it in a mist of echo, with vocals right out of some vintage Japanese HC act. Pretty blasted stuff, out this month on Vinyl Conflict.

GRIIIM – Nymphe Décharnée

The French avant-metal scene is at it again, dismal growls, broken techno, pignose amps overloaded with fuzz, or so you'd imagine. Griiim's latest 'Bête Immonde' crawls with outsider vibes and misanthropy, limited to only 200 on Purity Through Fire so get it while the gettins' good.

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Crazy Catalunian blackened thrash heard recently on Gimme's By This Wax I Rule! Barcelona is a metal town indeed, with some terrific record stores/metal emporiums and it's clear the natives soak in every subgenre to boot. This sounds like Midnight, Voivod, Motorhead, Possessed wrapped up in a sick ball of tar thwapped upon the walls of Sagrada Familia.

INFERA BRUO – The Breath of Chaos

From the new Prosthetic release 'Rites of the Nameless', this Boston band specializes in dense black metal, full of well-studied prog fan moves. They even dabble in pure ambience from time to time, but for the most part this is some hefty, full-throttle mayhem.

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FATE – Mask of the Silver Death

Sprung from Italy, Fate is a no-frills experience of four guys steeped in aggressive music of all angles. Self-admitted Celtic Frost/GISM/Cirith Ungol fans, you can hear it in all the twist and turns amidst this sloppy, brutal majesty, but again, it's simply heavy metal in the end.

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