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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

HYRGAL, HORNA Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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HYRGAL – Ennemi(e)s

The French unit Hyrgal continue to ride that country's wave of top notch black metal offerings as of late with the LP 'Fin de Règne'. Reformed in 2016 after a hiatus, the band is in powerful form: foggy melodies sift their way through majestic blasts of fuzz and fury, subtle strains of organized composition co-mingle with anarchic obliteration.

HORNA – Elegia

'Kuoleman Kirjo' is the first appearance in five years from Finnish hordes Horna, but the band is well etched into that country's DNA for over 25 years. Crisp blasts of riffage flurry from speakers behind Spellgoth's sandpaper vocals, majestic waves of attack crest over passages of almost folky essence showing some maturity with age, but no scaleback on sonic attack whatsoever.

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BLACK PYRE – Winter Solstice

Awesome black metal from South Wales drawing on Greek and Norwegian legacies, with a November LP release 'Winter Solstice' (the title track here). While displaying a penchant for blast beat placement, this music swirls with space and retains a rich amount of atmospheric elements to its attack; keyboards plus strident/pronounced riffery from their new guitarist is definitely a factor in their step up from their last release.

HERETICAL SECT – Depths of Weeping Infinity

Much like their Norwegian influences, blackened/death/doom band Heretical Sect present deep spiritual ties to their land, in this case the baked American Southwest as they hail from Santa Fe. Hooded and cloaked in a mystery shroud, the band presents purging of demons from a history not so extended back as Europe's but nonetheless full of social and racial misjustices that have shadowed the otherwise stunning beauty and lore of the region. 'Rapturous Flesh' arrives December 11th on Gilead Media.

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ETERNAL CHAMPION – A Face In the Glare

Epicness from a band featuring renowned metal album masterer Arthur Rizk (on drums), preserving and edging forward some of the best markings of NWOBHM, doom, prog-metal and power metal. Legendary tales abound, glorious synths flank searing guitar solos, spectres of Cirith Ungol.

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