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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

CANDLEMASS, EYE FLYS, HOT GRAVES Among The Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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EYE FLYS – Tubba Lard

The shitty kids who picked on vocalist/guitarist Jake Smith must have done some deep psychological damage with this song's titled taunt, because they named the damn album 'Tub Of Lard' too. No worries, because the payback is fierce from the shards of splintery feedback that kick this in, to the sheer weight of Eye Flys stomping all over everything that gets in their way. With a pedigree of members from Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac, there's a vicious legion at hand here in this quartet, who have a guest special coming up in April on Gimme.

HOT GRAVES – Ruination Supremacy

Fetid Floridians who are seemingly content to crank out and upload demos like they were everything they aspire to, and no complaints outta this gob. Some brutal slice-and-toss trashbin greatness, near-cheery blasphemy (quite a dayglo Bandcamp page for such evil!), D-beat flirtation and a touch of early-Midnight-bark-like-a-goonery. The new singer is ferocious, the band is on point, and I'm a huge fan right now.

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MASTER BOOT RECORD – Rambo: First Blood Part II

"I am a 486DX-33MHz-64MB processing avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal & classical symphonic music." In a better world, this will be coming out of Super Bowl PA stacks at halftime shows in place of a Creed reunion performance in 2026.


Your daily dose of room-enveloping massive fuzz doom, Second Hand Apes hail from Joenssu, Finland. Expansive, varied approach to the genre with lots of wiggle room for subtle psychedelic footnotes in the compositions, while downtempo and dirged there's an uplifting, elevating aspect to the sound that both frees the atmosphere up and crushes everything in its thick walls of buzz. Very non-formulaic and super interesting.

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CANDLEMASS – The Pendulum

The title track of the new EP out March 27th on Napalm. There's no denying the gravity that these Swedes have lent to metal and doom, and in 2020 they still control epic fury as exhibited by the flying riffs and dramatic acoustic/electric/synth churn of this track. The EP is supposedly made up of demos or leftover overspill from 'The Door To Doom' sessions, but sounds top notch, and Johan Langquist's soaring/gravel vocals still surge in total power.

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